1 Beyond AutoTracker™ – Auto Tracking Camera

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Hi this is Cara and I’d like to introduce you to 1 Beyond’s innovative new AutoTracker Camera. The autotracker automatically recognizes and tracks the speaker using advanced facial recgnotion and motion detection.
There’s no camera operator needed as the AutoTracker auto pans, tilts and zooms as it follows the speaker. It will track someone even as they quickly move about the room. The AutoTracker keeps tracking when someone is sideways or turns their back to the camera and it isn’t distracted by small hand motions. Someone can walk in right in front of the person and it will continue to track the original subject with no interference. The AutoTracker features two cameras in one. A full view wide angle camera and a PTZ tracking camera. The full view detects the person as they enter the room and the PTZ tracking camera zooms in and follows them. The AutoTracker includes an SDI output for each one of the cameras, both of which output up to 1080p60. The tracker cam has a 20x zoom and the full view camera has 92 degree field of view This is an example in a classroom showing the outputs from both cameras at the same time You can set parameters as to how sensitive you’d like the tracking camera to be including how quickly it tracks the person and how zoomed in you’d like the shot. It will also auto focus for you. You can use a tripod or a wall mount and we offer different mounts designed specifically for the Auto Tracker. As you can see this is an completely automated solution eliminating the need for camera operator
this allows you to create a high-end production for less money. If you have any questions or you ready to purchase an AutoTracker
please do not hesitate to contact us we’re look forward to hearing from you.

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