310th Knowledge Seekers Workshop January 9th, 2020

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NOTE! Subtitles in this video are auto-generated and subject to further review and update. innovative revolutionary stellar
development purest universal knowledge in a transformative futuristic design
the universal body enhancement spaceship unit the very first new evolutionary
spaceship technology has been rolled out for mass production our universal body
enhancement spaceship unit is constructed from high-quality materials
carefully selected by our team of experts embedding the essence of the new
Gans plasma science and technology it uses collective plasma field technology
for changing and enhancing the environment of the body of the man this
new plasma enhancement changes the environment of the body to allow it to
return to its natural balanced energetic condition as in the womb of the mother
allowing every cell in the body of the man to find its natural original field
strength balance the shape and field distribution in this new space plasma
technology replicates the inner structure of the universe and replicates
the balanced fields from which the man was created at the point of Inception
in the womb of the mother not only receiving balance in the physical but
also in the emotional sense – for the first time in the history of man a
system has been developed and delivered which not only enhances the physical
body of the man but also enhances the emotional part of the user of the system
hence reducing and eliminating many problems that could not be solved in the
world of science to bring the body of the man into near perfection as at the
time of birth this new spaceship technology can be
within the reach of every man today and can be ordered by medical practitioners
sport specialists and health care centers the universal enhancement
spaceship unit the future you have been waiting for is here the journey from
space to spaceship technology has started every order is subject to a
contractual agreement and might require additional accessories priced separately
for applications according to each case you can order or contact us at office at
80 K F m dot global for additional information welcome everyone welcome to the 300th
and 10th knowledge seekers workshop for Thursday January 9th 2020 this is a
broadcast of the Keshe foundation spaceship Institute Education Department
and part of the public teachings in English my name’s Rick creme and along
with plant mile housing today as hosts for Moran Kesh who is ready to deliver
today’s workshop I believe hello mr. Keshe are you there yes
with a good morning to you good afternoon whenever and whenever you
listen to these knowledge is seeds of teaching as usual we’re back on Thursday
again and we try to as usual learn and share knowledge and try to extend the
knowledge of understanding in so many ways as a functional energy of the soul
as a functionality of what we call space technology agriculture and everything
else it is interesting to see what we just saw the enhancement unit this unit
physically will be shown the next 2-3 weeks and is primarily taking the
knowledge into the next step as you call it is not just an enhancement unit but
it has many other functions as is built and made in the shape of the universe as
we said we replicated a lot of things in the
past we copied the bird we get the planes now we have copied the universe
we’ll take mankind centuries to understand the totality of this
knowledge in this system many ways many things many joyful times will come from
this unity in time when the mankind understands the totality of the design
of this system you can create condition of any position in the universe inside
this system as I said as slowly slowly we open what this system can do we
learned everybody thought is for healing or else it was a housing the body
performance everybody thought it is or whatever and whatever producing
materials as we need in space but this is what we call multi-purpose unit in a
coming time where the scientists and mankind now that he has reached a point
of peace will endeavor to create a condition of any point in the universe
which means you can create the real condition in any planet on any star any
position in the universe inside a system in extension of the knowledge we can
come to understand one point that we can create the whole arena of the universe
we can develop these systems in a way that it gives us the images exact
replication condition of the galaxies the whole understanding is that in time
mankind will develop systems which in reality what we could not do
before we could not create the condition of the dynamic magnetic fields around in
the solar system now this system allows us to loiter
we can position the Sun in the center and we can position at the Earth and
Moon and understand what is what can be and other conditions which can be
understood from their positioning this will be the first time mankind has a
three-dimensional working Universal system working only with magnetic fields
nothing else the way we have designers and the way it will be used by the
scientists is very much walking to the universe choose the place position
condition magnetic gravitational field strength and you will see the life
extension of life the interaction of the fields in a way if you think of it it’s
a dynamic plasmatic system which super passes tokamak as nuclear physicists are
always so tokamak being hog cook business but this time the gravitational
magnetic field comes from the wind within this structure this passes the
whole structure absurd sir advanced high speed whatever has become more or less
to each edge of limits he doesn’t because there is too much limitation of
magnetic field created through what we call matter estate of fields where in
this system now we create magnetic fields in the structure of the plasma as
it is in the universe the magnets but the fields created by the
dynamic system will give us the power of the true essence of the work of the
universe within the system in the coming time we go more and more in depth in
coming time we’ll explain in a very detailed way how we can develop we can
increase and change everything in a way what we see for the first time mankind
has got hold on the true true essence the way the universe is created one of
the reasons I started bringing this out was one reason because we knew the work
piece has been achieved we knew mankind will come to the point
after what we call the turning point in changing science to technology from wars
then walking away from it and allowing it to become the most important thing
mankind will do as will be witness to it since last Thursday teaching the whole
world went through what everyone thought was the brink of war but we knew there
shall be no war and we saw by yesterday the whole thing turned upside down on
his head the most powerful nation has submitted itself to not being able to
maintain world peace and at the same time war leaders have understood clearly
since last night message the American leadership that we are
powerless doesn’t matter how you paint it how you worded one thing came out of
past seven days is no nation is ready to go to work and we have reached the point
the turning point and I was just saying before the start of their teaching just
before we hear the words of the president Trump I was writing to cover
up knowledge seekers in the background worried
I said nothing will happen American will become submissive because you have to
understand they have tried every way to save their face the most advanced nation
in the world has come to understand has no advancement and as I said many many
times and somehow the war leaders have turned start putting in a joke way but
it has a lot of seriousness behind it the reason the Americans always rely on
the world up we never let Iran was as nuclear because they know Iran has
finished with nuclear long time ago if the Americans were afraid of nuclear
Iran system they would have come up with different games simply the reality is
Iran has finished with nuclear nuclear is for the back dated nation’s nuclear
is something children play with nuclear as a weapon has no purpose
and has no need because simply the plasma technology which super passes
nuclear is like when we used to make arrows and string shots trying to hide
behind we never allow Iran to access nuclear because Iran walked away from
nuclear because we have a more advanced technology that as I have requested from
his even science or how many of Iran to be shown in March conference in general you got to understand that us today we
are witnessing an evolution and revolution in the world of science we
had the Industrial Revolution Lord many things now we’re going through the
plasma revolution the cancer revolution in so many ways that nations cannot
close their eyes to yesterday I was talking with some of the powerful people
in the world of politics and they said it was a humiliation which was accepted it was a humiliation for the death of
what we call nuclear industry it was a relation for understanding the
simplicity of the truth with this new enhancement system a new cycle a new
revolution in the world of science and technology will imagine we used the
water and the steam to advance mankind through Industrial Revolution now we use
the plasma knowledge of the creation of the universe to change the course of
humanity in a much better way it is in totality beginning of a beginning you
got to understand when a man in my position as a nuclear physicist and a
plasma physicist tells you the age of nuclear is over I’ve been telling you
for a few years now we have seen it we don’t go about who killed who and who
did what the reality is all that nuclear weapons sitting in the oceans of poor
nations Russia and America Chinese the French the Pakistanis the Indians nobody
dare to touch because the consequences of it was to harness but everyone will
play through the plasma the wall it is the peasants on there in the farms the
fishermen in the sea and the spaceman in the depths of the space well I said and
I keep on saying dad you have entered the phase of world peace and there shall
be no war but the war leaders have to learn one thing from this passive anaise showing power by killing is the job of
the wild animals Jones targeting and killing is what the wild dogs do in the plains of Africa this is so many ways the set these
nations of the West or advanced technology have no fear in killing
scientists many Iranian nuclear businesses were killed because of the
knowledge Hitler didn’t know that many many scientists of the highest caliber
in chemistry at policy of physics and astronomy have been killed which is
unbelievable commissioned and executed by Americans
and European nations the only nations in the world who killed scientists and they
called themselves civilized the only nation we terrorized people and they
called the rest terrorists now the true terrorists step one by one stepping down
we see the biggest terrorists who killed more earring in than anybody else but
Yahoo has been stripped of his positions and soon he’ll see his own fate we see
once you kill this way you will be killed this way through your soul and in
so many ways so many ways the time of killing has
component now it’s our responsibility escape tradition knowledge seekers to
elevate to in totality not only the soul of those we thought are our leaders but
the soul of humanity other said we haven’t started releasing new
technologies hopefully by Mexico or by Kenya we will show you a new what we
call environmental cleanups we have submitted the direct report to the
Italian government in respect to the contamination of the waters and they
have to end of January to respond a 250 page document has been submitted
directly to the office of the president of Italy and the Prime Minister of Italy
to respond in respect to the massive contamination in their country I have
informed the Italian government that Keshe Foundation will release this
document in public and or and if they do not respond to take steps to correct it the next step for us is launch
often new co2 capture systems which will be placed like solar cells solar panels
across the cities these systems will be launched in next 30 days the Keshe
foundation has put a value of 20000 euro persistent
in fact what you do you clean up the mess you create by before March we
release a new farming system which allows the farmers to clean up their
animals from antibiotics and chemicals that in turn returns by eating them into
our body our scientists in the beautiful city of Mashhad has started testing
scientists in Italy have a start testing and we are very open we have taken the
leadership and leadership in cleaning up and bringing new technologies and will
pursue this pattern so we achieved the maximum effect the farming units which
will be supplied to the farmers directly for the animals especially in a country
of Holland Italy European Nordic countries in America as they keep the
animals in cage and captivated in cages the amount of antibiotics and chemicals
given to them to keep them alive for them to be able to use them
commercially for their meat the continent the new agricultural unit is
the next target location relation because what we eat affects our health
changes our health at this moment of time the reduction the sperm count in
cities like London and major cities around the world due to the factors we
know will be sorted out will these systems to protect as younger trees
somewhere is microphone is open every month I explained you with release
advanced age of technology in a very simple form that will be sold
through the cash donation operation as we’ve seen the enhancement unit we met
exactly to target our expectation before January we may meet our what we call
targets in every shape and manner in the coming weeks and months to change what
we done wrong to this planet to our sounds to its animals and in so many
ways but correcting it we returned back to the position of peace and in so many
ways I wonder how many of these naval ships we can borrow from Americans to
put the Keshe foundation systems on it to clean up the oceans from plastic they have many warships now the war is
cleaning war against what we done wrong in so many ways we saw in past seven
days the beauty of the knowledge as I said I’ve asked the Keshe foundation
team to release the teachings of the Keshe foundation last Monday in a thing
about five hours teaching six hours teaching we made it clear to the Iranian
government and Iranian officials and administration that Iran has taken and
has to take the lead in knowledge and technology and in so many ways we have
set our scene and we have passed his evidence as a hominid over here on last
Monday to all the conference to take shape and place it here on as we
such an angel because there has to be in the start as I said and in so many ways
this year is the year of the completion all the teachings
now we commercialize the commercialize in a way that it can be used by everyone
in so many ways the target of the Keshe foundation next 12 months is
industrialization application validation technology through cash foundation
operation and through understanding of the technology the Iranian issue our
nation our city has the responsibility to transcribe the last Monday’s teaching
into English and other languages copy of the teaching has been given to the
Iranian administration directly and to the Iranian diplomats and ambassadors
around the water in so many ways the way he not took the lead in peace past 48
hours he showed the power the what we called the beauty and human aiding a
bully and we thank the reading government for this you could understand
what would have been and you have seen what has come out of the wisdom not
escalating the war but pushing for peace through the power and technology as you
hear the transcripts out there last Monday was he teaching he announced the
Iranian government an issue will draw a line and explain
what it sees and one expects in so many ways we saw the end of wars in past 24
hours in a way we will see attraction of to all the American forces and European
forces autumn Middle East in a very very short time the reality is that we
welcome toward Middle East the European Americans scientist and not a soldiers
Tehran become the cradle of science and as I said by 21st 2021 I step down in
totality from many activities educational nation to make sure that we
take the science the lean in science and our return to the city of Tehran then we
show the power of the technology and as I said in the next few weeks and you
will see systems or clean up system for agriculture systems for many many other
things and in so many ways the Iranian systems of right is the
responsibility of Iranian government issue they were gifted twelve years ago you have to come to the point that we
will show the beauty of technology we will show the glory of understanding the
knowledge of the creation in the universe if the knowledge seekers step
up and move to the next level the world leaders will follow most of you are
trapped and pedaling in there what I call on the ground base level of cancers
of nano coating in the rest the true race for space will start from this week
you have to understand we have understood the knowledge of the creation and we have developed technologies to
confirm it so we have become knowledgeable in the world of creation
the same as the Creator but in simpler ways there are those who would like to
make gold those are who like to make this and
that you have to learn yourself you have to understand yourself how these things
are set up and how they can be done maril systems are obsolete if you do not
understand the technology and you have to understand the simplicity of the
technology the knowledge of the plasma has in so many ways been overlooked by
the Keshe foundation knowledge seekers and that’s why you are in problem this
is why all of you many many of you are catching up trying to catch up but you
don’t understand where to start and where to finish you do not understand
you have not understood the totality of knowledge somehow is easier to be what I
call now we’re looking at than doing it and as many of you are aware or not –
Foundation has opened a new channel for all the knowledge seekers to come in to
share knowledge with each other to distribute and share the totality of the
knowledge of the Keshe foundation Walmart as I said to the Iranian fish
foundation knowledge seekers in a very simple way as we knew the outcome of the
attack last week it was really easy for us to start preparing everything for it
as I said when peace comes there’d be no boards and the Keshe foundation cache
firmly platform has been created for the knowledge seekers that we took the
borders away the border of knowledge cache foundations Brazil Mexico Spanish
Portuguese Farsi all have been put on the one color one nation platform and
this platform will set up some chief days ago four days ago and it’s all the
Keshe foundation knowledge seekers worldwide now we have made one nation
out of you one nation one platform you can all share knowledge you can all come
in learn we gave you a couple of today’s for everybody to come and say
hello whatever and in coming days you start teaching each other this is the
platform for a starting of the CAF SSI teachings for master degrees that gross
of you doesn’t matter what language iteration you’re in get together and
enhance the knowledge of your own interest in a way when I set up this
cash family knowledge seekers group was to bring all the Keshe foundation Mori
seekers enthusiasts through in to start research groups in the way we have
opened the cave as a sign in a bigger dimension with no borders American
knowledge is scientists you welcome as much as we welcomed all the means the
Brazilians rushed in and we saw the Spanish and every other nation is just
coming in and then we build this structure to one nation education center
at this moment there’s a lot of things I see it talking about the guns here
talking about something else there but let this what I call seed oh and you
will see what we have planned right and in this process
the cash from we we become one planet family you will understand why I set up
one nation one race one planet now this structure I set up is the beginning of
it pop teach at you I’ve seen the Spanish up coming in the Brazilian are
there the Iranian czar there we see all that
nullities are coming in to talk in this trying to set up groups of your own
interest move into the plasma technology northing into the Ganser nanotechnology
in a space you hardly ever will change anything into matter state it in the
space I’ve seen even the Iranian charts because I have brought the Iranian team
up all the Iranian Keshe foundation supporters in different ways it won’t
group together and that was the process because Iran will lead this knowledge
and I brought them into the cash family that the Iranian teams highly educated
people highly structured in research and development will take a lead with the
whole structure of the space technology our aim is one thing that our American
friends are English French German Brazilian Africans Chinese you have no
more names of nationality you have become one family I have asked the
Chinese to post this range that the Chinese can join the scope that they can
start educating and being part of the one instruction today I mean a beautiful
city of Beijing and is their responsibility on you as knowledge
seekers is to make knowledge the only common denominator in the science and
the technology for human race because as you seen yesterday we agreed the world
leaders agreed we need peace and they interest me t-this the beauty
of it is as I said in the last seven days we heard from Donald Trump two
times and both both talks both speeches refreshed teaching our kids foundation
as I said to the Iranian teaching to what he said after he’d killed a man
he knows his soul is in a big mess listen to the talk he comes through it
and for the first time an American president in public opening for a second
time confirms the soul listen to the last Thursday was what he called it
Friday the speech of him talking how he killed a man and in it for the first
time he wants elevation of the soul so White House is listening to nearly two
are teaching because not they know they have to answer to the song and that’s
why yesterday we saw the end of wars because for the second time is repeating
it that we start talking peace we want peace because we have finished with the
guns the only thing left is peace and this is what we’re taking and promoting
or past years so we have brought the world
supposedly strongest nation understand about the soul and about the peace so it
means we totality of the human race including the Chinese including the
Russians the Africans and the rest of us are ready to go because we have touched
the song of the war leaders in so many ways we have taken charge as
I said to you we start governing governing to knowledge governing for man
to understand he has to answer to something he had you the biggest mistake made man by his own
admission confirms his kill two men and to do it he has attached it to any
reason we saw what happened to Obama when he ordered a killing
we see what will happen to Donald Trump he took a life what I hear they call the
biggest terrorist who has terrorized humanity for past century Americans who
made the terrorists out of me and then they changed it to a fraud because they
couldn’t get it terrorized because nobody believed in it the kingdom our
culture we will see that mankind has moved to a face that will not be able to
lie his way to do things let me tell you one simple fact ruling needs wisdom of collective
consciousness of peace from on this planet does not need any more rulers
because people will work through their own structure in a coming time we learn
more and more in a coming time we will be parted I was passing a building very
recently and I said how are we going to describe this in a coming time to our
children and grandchildren the court of justice as I said when we
elevate the soul of the man who put our prisoners into these machines and they
understand I get elevated and there are nowhere to go
what are we gonna do with the risks now the dad man starts conducting his own
way to be correct courts will become museums places they become one of the
most strangest places man will laugh in a coming time why did it need somebody
to judge them if they could just themselves doing it the right way we’ll come to this and the beauty of it
is that through the technologies which will release will create our condition as true scientist Ezra when a feast has
to make advantage and the best news of the worst conditions that it becomes a
success of whatever is a Mentalist if you heard what I said
past few minutes I explained to you that the Keshe foundation next both probably
for weeks once we come out with the Chinese
holidays will offer you we offer the world as a whole a completely new
environmental cleanup system it’s not a new but we gave it a beautiful shape
we’ve done it in a beautiful way actually making furniture in Chinese
team meets more tonight and tomorrow to complete this this is the brainchild
of China the way the enhancement unit estate with Austria this is a brainchild
of China will come out of China we already assigned a factory position for
it yesterday and in business process we are making the best of what we don’t
wrong to this planet to get everything back right by capturing massive amount
of co2 which created so much mayhem as they against will feed these dancers
back to the oceans back to the scenes back to the environment at the clean
energy nod in the process of not only creating co2 approach but we release win
it what this planet was short up into the
oceans into the land it would it II to clean up and we used my judgment
of the correct conduct will bring the whole thing back to post in so many ways
you’ve seen your Co tools you use it for pain usage hook doing this cleaning
order whatever now these new systems allows massive extractions thousands of
liters a day from atmosphere most probably as I was saying you’ve seen the
solar cells on the rubes cities you will see gas extraction units and the same
way as we are piping water into the canals and we infest the world and we
put contamination in now we put energies to change from 15th of February
hopefully let’s say 13th of beverage the Chinese team with the new factory design
in yesterday will deliver as much as as many as we can produce to clean up
cities the problems where I stand today now I see city of Beijing in smoke with
all the dirt Dave the Chinese authorities understand what is coming
out of China and place many of these on the roofs and on the ground floors and
just read them back into the water the system in the soy system in everything
else not only we clean up the planet but really energized McCain in so many ways
the damages we got we took hit as oil repeated back as
consumer I mean so many ways when you take the carbon out of the atmosphere
condition of the big cities there is nothing to attach itself it will get the
Clean Cities a copy lubrication of this really has made in Iran Iran will supply
a different direction artists in the next week two weeks our set heart
meetings with all the Iranian knowledge seekers who are developing or have
developed technologies that we meet face to face and the Keshe foundation is
financing them to stop producing the new products in health in agriculture so we
have started the commercialization of technology in a way that all of us take
a piece of it in this process the cleaning up has come to us the repairing
has come back to us and in so many ways if you have two cars or you have it
stick they’re what we call co2 out as our
Dutch people call it the greenhouse and they sold many trees for it but we don’t
know where they’re these physics if the amount of trees sold by the placing how
about absorption whether it was this planet should be totally tree covered
but the unseen any tree it was a very good game but now these units we in
front of you it is made to work and in a way to replace the totality of what it
needs to be done as I said these new systems we don’t patent but we keep our
rights to every single one of it let me tell you what’s gonna happen to
everything else oh it is so many ways but it neela back into this planet I’m
sure we’re gonna have a wonderful time the Chinese Keshe foundation people in
next 48 hours we are together to complete and in so many ways this is a
gift from China and in so many ways with this process we do not need to open
massive gas production factories which was planned by the Keshe foundation we
go directly into in the Australasian of the technology while we absorb all the
co2 we need through the development and commercialization of this unit or China
this will bring a huge amount of work or reminisce with the Chinese government
and it’s been set in the heart and the place of the man who built it up it’s
been the largest rock with a foundation and today in a way we say thank you to
him and as I said to little cash foundation China I said it has to be
with him because he put his love and he saw all into it and yesterday I signed a
contract the initial and such a contract with worried that this factory would
become operational within the next 30 days and you will see the product we try
to show them Mexico and apartheid culture pottery we try to show in what
we call in Kenya the head of Keshe foundation sent me a message in the
background please tell people that booking for Mexico is opened all those
from North America wherever you want to be there please book then we moved to
Kenya those of you who want to be kenyan conference please book
the Iranian situation is reduce yourself as fast as you can
because we have to submit names and datas by at least next 45 days to the
Iranian government those people who are the people who are sorting and helping
us in the background from Iran they tell us the Iranian intelligence security
needs at least a month before at least more than that because it’s a very
strange thing Christmas in January we get Chinese new recovery
and each one takes a month for two weeks or whatever and then
Iranian New Year listen to inverse of March so by the time they come back
we’re very very close to their what we call the April conference signing as
those of you who want to come to your on and register as fast as you can the same
with Kenya the same weight or the call Mexico conference they became Malta is
primarily for the Maltese government to be but as usual when we go in
everything is cleaned up before we get in we saw this with the day of the
conference in what we call Vienna the government selection out of Norway
because it was a mess to clean up then we saw the same with Brazil there’s a
immediately announcements by the company new group sets up whatever and in Malta
next week they have a new government because somebody killed a journalist and
they found out it was a governmental people behind it
so as we going to the Maltese come what we call conference we just there to meet
with a Maltese government in a very direct way because the headquarter – our
nation’s are moving to Malta so we have to know how we can organize the totality
and the new government will tell us in the conference or on the conference we
have found a Center for a foundation hope we’ll be able to get it one way or
another and it’s exactly the way I wanted it where no one needs visa to
enter the Keshe foundation at the Center for peace and whatever mankind might
need all those who are not from here the mantra is too small for massive
developments but a little become the center or administration of the gift our
nation’s wall operations you know I saw council there’s council and those of us
will be alive and we you is round and as I said today’s teaching
is very simple we celebrating the beginning of the piece as we said a lot
of people a lot of people were waiting for disaster yesterday and we knew it’s
not I was sitting in the airport and just about half an hour and now before
President Trump speaks all the flights Iranian airline flights all the
international flights to Tehran we’re put on hold deliberately delayed all the
flights going over the Middle East was diverted and everybody was expecting a
big war I saw many Iranians sitting in lounges
and he waiting rooms because everything was delayed by two hours back in the
speech that a man was to what we gonna do nobody was going into hock I heard in
the log from the Iranian old couple negotiating with the children don’t go
to Tehran you’re gonna get killed and he’s there and the children convince the
parents to forget about the tickets and go home and I wonder now they found out
what a big mistake they made talking to the Iranian communities in
the airport there was a joy joy of peace and as one said now we can start living
because we want by knowledge we warned by strength and we showed we don’t need
to fight for that reason I’ll make one announcement and this will go directly
be my president from the car Taron he read all the way to North Korea
to get Nobel Prize Tehran is the best opportunity to actually getting it in
the coming days invitation threatened unites the state but as we asked Iranian
officials Ayatollah Khamenei of Iran is the only person who can allow this
conference to go through and on the basis that as we are inviting world
leaders they have to be met by the Iranian leadership and we wait and see
it has become a very clean-cut peace talk casual nation demonstration of new
technology Tehran with the power of having the technology as I said we start
governing both the peace and knowledge in a way Tehran conference is casual
nation showing the technologies and other scientists ok what we call plasma
technology the reading government and the rest of the nations as guests the
problem will be how the Iranian leadership and only and only is His
Eminence answer how many of you cash foundation I’m negotiating into her already with a
union administration we are not talking because as we said and our advisors in
our communications for for combination we had it’s no use going to the
president no use going to the ministers if after a holiday saying no is no so we
go to him and we have lay down the ground very simple case management
technology Iran shows is power up to understand the new knowledge new
technologies and we celebrate that to stop peace and as I said there is no one
we have no world leader we haven’t had any one leader who has taken his nation
literally by the neck and walked it to the most advanced technological of the
present times development acceptor hominid Avira we don’t have any better
candidate to lead the world to Wars peace through the application and
implication and the development of he’s done it for Iran we go by a reference
warmongering we have many American leaders we seen one person after another when I was listening last week to what
Trump was saying that he killed one of the most cruel a blah blah blah
turn it back handful of years didn’t we hear the same rhetoric from Obama when
he did miss Mattie didn’t he hit the same trick when they got Saddam Hussein
when they robbed his nation now is finished if you go by the reference we
have no leaders who person individually has taken a knowledge and nation his
nation to the most advanced technological development and he has to
be given that chance to do the same with the rest of the world don’t look at what
they made for them to be look at their CV and what they’ve done with their
nation Tehran Iran in isolation through his own
internal service efficiency has reached this position that he could stand and
show the power of his might and knowledge that the biggest nation in the
world had to wipe its base yesterday in front of international we do not attack
because no Americans was killed because the Iranian called you two hands before
they told you take everybody out if you do not know Iranian government called
the officials of Iraq and Americans and the European community take your people
out we want to show what we’re gonna do with you if you don’t stop and they did
good one a rocket to an area word Europeans and
Americans were holding as equipment that’s why nobody was killed the
business and Trump doesn’t tell you dad he was given a warning get your guys out
we’re gonna show you with you or keep him in there and he gets thousands of
them kids and what he did like her mouth she collected mouth get on as fast as
you can because if one would have killed then he
had to start a work we knew he’s gonna lose anyway and that came out of the
wisdom of her leadership man who understands how can push people to a
corner piece and he knows how to get the nation the most advanced nations in what
South Africans were in they were sanctioned they tried to make a few
things but see what happened nothing but now he’s hearing in leadership this
issue our harmony has has a hundred percent work the reference to lead the
world nations in peace and not in the Keshe foundation knowledge seekers we
work one way for peace and extension of the knowledge that we had opened this
planet to the rest of screeches and the creatures of the universe in so many
ways we have no option but to commercialize that everyone can benefit
by it and put the proceeds of it what it comes back into the society as part of
the Keshe foundation work that the whole totality benefits by it I’ll lead the
Keshe foundation but the love of the man and not by the fear of what man might do
to himself because I know mankind changes very quickly as you know there’s
a good opportunity there is no no one to lead the world and Americans
by creating such a have created a vacuum leader leadership will come those who
leave mankind through science technology and advancement of what we call the soul
of the man through space to understanding of his own space of the
soul of himself and now we understand the next step we understand that gap
exists as I said in the Iranian teaching and that gap needs to be fulfilled by a
man with the references and the credibility who has delivered cash our
nation delivers the technology the Iranian government with the ratio as the
harmony brings the power of peace as a nation and that’s the only reason the
broad the cache knowledge technology to all of us tooi readings can sit next to
gether and plan the future of the humanity for peace prosperity and
knowledge because we both know what to do the message Iranian administration’s
very clear take lead and the leadership for peace knowledge and let the rest to
be part of the same family no more borders no colorist no racist no
religion the way we set up occasionally should’ve family cash how many worldwide
operation as of this week there is no choice this opportunity will never come
to mankind and it needs to be taken and lead mankind to a direction the new way
as we said if some of you don’t know and I saw
another video recently reminded me again the largest-ever empire in the history
of mankind has been the Persian Empire over 40% of the landmass run by one just
need a few more kourosh and are huge and the companies and now we extend that
mass to 100 percent but just for peace and knowledge here and it has to be
understood the opportunity has been there regarding it we know what to do
and now it’s time to complete it Imperial conference in Tehran will be
here what we call watershed for peace and knowledge and in the next few weeks
as we show you the synthesis of the technologies which is coming out out of
the most advanced universities and relationships out of the knowledge
seekers come up man on the street the last man is learning the whole
structure of the Keshe foundation is to guarantee world security in peace and
knowledge and shaving up the knowledge so openly join the cash family platform
and I start sharing how and what you can achieve to show by April three months is
a long time and a lot of you know what to do
already two or three scientists have been invited to present and the Iranian
group without contravening in wanted to show the understanding we have invited
one of the leading Chinese two of them to join us in the conference
and in that process we’ll bring in man our space I have requested from the
Iranian government to show the obsolete nuclear technology which the Americans
are so proud and in so many ways in my meetings to the Iranian teams we
structured them that they can show the most technological advancements in their
City in the conference I’m prepared to meet any knowledge seekers who is and
has developed and can deliver a valid technology then we bring it out we
support it the beauty of it is we’ve done it
together and the beauty of this we can do it together
to bring us to that point one of the most important part of the knowledge and it has to be done by the knowledge
seekers themselves is in so many ways the structure of a home a structure of a
physical home that we can use the technology to create what we call a home is not by bricks and mortar and whatever
is by using the gravitational magnetic field systems to create structures to
create divisions or partitions to create what we call conditions that you can lay
the physicality or or what you call it a place to enjoy then what we call the
leisure side of the Keshe foundation knowledge seekers is lagging behind a
lot it’s this which will bring their what we call the knowledge home
knowledge seekers if you understand it start looking into what are called the
leisure industry of the Keshe foundation because now that we have no more Wars we
have to do something to enjoy the time we have to change the structure of
living the way we do and it has to come from the people who understand who
understand the ethos of it we need those who can take this to
public yesterday we had a meeting with what they call the distributors of
the Keshe foundation were trying to sell things for years and I explained to them
exactly what we need cash relation needs a very strong sales team if you’re in
that business join us to promote the new technologies that people can benefit by
it in so many ways we have no choice with the worse the
only thing left is the pleasure of joy enjoying the life when you sit and watch
how billions of us have slaved ourselves to be in a place called the Box to me
there 9:00 to 5:00 to get something to have a holiday to call it the New Year
or whatever and maybe a week 10 days holidays to be for what I’ve done 7 billion people if we divided the right
way if we can get 10% of us working 10% of our time the only 90 percent can
enjoy the other 90% without numbers and camera and everything don’t need any
more hospitals you don’t need any more churches you don’t need course you don’t
need any did it data you can see where we’re gonna end up with a lot of
religion time as they’re making college a lot of leisure times as it’s called in
English this part of the technology needs to be brought hard by the use of
the Kishin nation you imagine computer games now imagine the next sub plasma
gems if those are here who work in a world of computers animation bring it in
to the dimension of use in the husband develop your intellect into the plasma
technology this is the biggest part because we have many people unemployed
and I’m not worried about them because they have a machine which frees them and
have a machine of some of their health and they work because they want to be
busy to serve humanity not to live to have something to put in there
now that they don’t die fear of death has brought man to the slavery of the
others at the same time fear of hunger that they might die has put the same
thing in the same position and with this technology we have taken all those fears
way you will understand in a very very short time very much sure that the only
fear we will have is from natural disasters and now in a new technology we
need telecasted they say five hundred thousand or whether animals have died in
the fires almost rate bush fires I listened very recently to beautiful
Iranian scientists when I was in the way and how the Iranian scientists are
developing a new fire fighting system and they’re watching integrate to it
with the plasma technology that they can do and I said I had this before two
three people tried but the Iranian guys have a different tone to them I’m
meeting them very soon and in that process will bring in new grants plasma
technology for the fires if you’re in not a fire business you want to stop the
fires and firefighting to plasma join this team of Iranians don’t worry the
advanced a lot they can do everything really dates as I helped the machine
developed in Tehran but now we want to interrogate integrated with it that what
we have now we derived and they’re what we call still to capture to be added in
a different way of the co2 capture that there is no oxygen and will work for the
fire to get how fast can you stop the fires in milliseconds but mankind can
not get involved it stopping the bush fires
if we stop the fires in America on the regular basis or in Australia our cycle
of ecological cycle will be disturbed and then we have a bigger disaster on
our hand we have to find a way that we can
negotiate our ways around it to save line to save property but allow the
nature of the world this planet to go through a cycle you remember what we saw
with the disaster in Caribbeans how it was protected the biggest size of
this protection is done by Iran covering itself so it’s possible now to create
conditions that we protect our own properties in a perfect way but we allow
the nature to take its course otherwise the nature would arrange in a very worse
way because you cannot stop the fields of the plant this planet and universe
not to do their work you pressurize it somewhere else it damages something
somewhere else how many times mankind has tried so if your knowledge seekers
these are the areas which there is a gap another gap we haven’t had time to work
with it the leisure time the station which is to do with or Greek home but
the existing of the man and his life among service there is another part
which has got to be addressed is how we bring peace to the soul of the animals
using the new technology as we become self-sufficient through the technology
that we don’t kill because we elevate our souls we have technology we have to
transfer this back into the nature that we stop them by receiving the energies
they need through the same process as we do I think the animals reach that level
much we do because the new co2 systems
facilitate that I’ll explain to do when we go to
commercialize it the leaflets the purpose for it will be ready and you
will understand a very simple point that we can through the same process
fortunately understanding the technology bring these two animals being a
positioned animals don’t would not eat each other because the energy received
by them they don’t feel hungry and by the order of the conservation they will
control themselves in the numbers as I said I was watching a bunch of what we
call crickets or whatever other people call it eating everything up then they
said mr. Kesh we need help is eating heart of half of their own I got you
don’t gotta culture now I saw it somewhere else I said Oh boys you
haven’t learned you don’t need to do anything with them just put sisters in
that he feeds them the energy they need to be there that’s all we need to do we
don’t need to do something to kill them to control them let them be they control
themselves but they’re bad if we can run the systems are the Russian state or
when I make him bold and they paralyze they’re using the plasma technology we
can do the same thing with these animals what I say it’s in the holy books that
the plague of these animals came and whatever now let the play comes we
create a condition that they take energy from what they need they will need there
to enjoy the scenery like you and me this is the changes which nourished
pictures the we have everything we have the full
understanding of the electronics transmission communication everything
else the fly system everything is there it just needs to be put together that it
fits and this is what I keep on emphasizing the Iranian leadership to
our it is you guys are hungry you know and the Keshe foundation knowledge will
bring this together will bring a lot of finances of the world governments to do
what is best for all of us you heard very recently what the guy said we have
increased our debts but call it the difference but another 17 billion this
year to 600 something billion dollars can you imagine what my current my kind
can do with 600 and something billion dollars or one nation put on defense in
developing new technologies I tell you what as I explained to one of my
children recently people will come and say is unfair
now they imprison us in earth because there will be so many of us wants you to
go out the depletion of the population government or the one-world government
will decide to put numbers on it you can’t all go we all die here if you all
go we need people here to do other things then how going to solve that is
the problems of the future governments governing this planet would record for the processor you as you know in the city of Israel
Palestinians are more than the Jews but how they got it is by producing like
rabbits as many children as they could and many many Israelis left Israel
because they did not accept in just ruling the way they were doing it and
half of them thread out of the fear of when he happens what’s gonna happen all
this has to be part of the past of the history of the matter one of the biggest
problems by mid century or even long before that is how we control our
population what we call frocks also this planet and size years it is fantastic
when you sit and you travel as much as I do with you in China that’s right is
amazing plane loads only person who understood
how cleverly he can benefit by it is there she hope to buy Sheikh Mohammed he
bought all these three ATS five or six hundred people and they walk one route
the way China and then into the European he collects all the fees nobody
transpose more people out of China as tourists than what we call the Dubai
airline because they bought it’s all 380s billions of them they want to see
their haven’t seen and the beauty of it is as I said before Chinese are
financing China by going becoming tourists at least seen them they all
want to have a souvenir from wrong a souvenir from Paris a souvenir from
Italy a souvenir from London and all these seven years when the attorney says
Made in China so the Chinese are running the whole world
industry harshly on their own back and the European say we have Chinese
tourists and now you’re gonna have earth tourists but how we’re going to control
them these are the problems of the world leaders to sort up not ours but today is
a beautiful day and those of you know there is a figure 9 in today and it
means the end and the beginning of you and in so many ways from now on we step
up in so many ways if you listen to this teaching it’s become a very very
complicated teaching process to teach some to tell you some to let you
understand what the soul doesn’t see what the soul has brought what
commercialization brings you what we need to do at everything else because
all the pieces of the technology has been 20 past 15 years
oh the jigsaw is getting complete is putting you together
let me start enjoying that full picture and knowledge you can see a part of it
you are the people who instigated it and the way you have done it has puzzled
many world leaders how this unknown bunch of groups of people have brought
so much that everybody knows but nobody knows what to do but in a good way
the best thing happened to us you know kind of need
was the vacuum with the bells rooms made for us that nobody wants to see what
people are something to be developing it and now it has taken shape we are
waiting for one message we are waiting for confirmation of it and this is
important where the Keshe foundation knowledge it is there we received a call
we are just as usual getting it confirmed if it’s correct the cabin area
of the Italian government has asked me to attend a court case in February and a
case of Fabio has been classed as a termed as a murder if we get the confirmation of this to be
true because Giovanni has spoken to the police that they want to be the case of
Jiwon Fabio’s death now has entered a murder and this will open if it is true
in many ways the door or the Keshe foundation end up Belgian monarchy
because we have all the details for it we hope the Italian government has taken
that a step and Giovanni speaking to the cabin Ares and I have to attend and if
it is true that what has happened a murder case has a started this was a
murder eternal in my life and the Cameo got trapped in it so sometime in
February we are waiting if it is correct we announce it that it is done we have
the telephone number of the cabin arey Giovanni has spoken to them immediately
they have confirmed there is a summons I have to appear in court as witness then
the case of the murder officially is opened up the Italian government has
been a lot of money and time on this venue we
as is asked especially blessed soul sand or to draw me electronic pictures of
this me and sander went through every shape of possible accident done by what
they call design patterns cars we should we draw everything out and every shape
confirmed was murder and Italian police didn’t let it go they
were doing simulation of it a lot because he was attempted murder of my
life which he got caught it so if we go to court as a witness if this is true
from what we understand it is then what we told you from the beginning that
Fabio’s death wasn’t murder planned by the Belgian monarchy to murder me pork
chop was involved in it and we saw with Naomi if this is true then we understand
when I told you Belgian monarchy is looking so bad Moretti G so now we wait
and as we go through this process we have asked how many or Fabio to check
with the police the court isn’t everything and you know Italian police
doesn’t go into these things they don’t have everything we have a direct
connection between red circle and the man who planned the murder our
securities have we have pictures we have ever in the companies everything is set
up we have importance all week it’s already been three copy that happens to
me the others will take you to court and they officially if it is we see his true
as the one is taking the rest of it and I have to go to Italy to accept the
court summons to appear to give witness official case or murder of habeas would
be opened by the Italian police when we told it was a murder everybody said he
just talks related it we know through our own
security they they did everything they put helicopters they put see what they
call it he dimensional images everything confirm Miss America and now the driver
first time he was brought to court now he’s bringing his brought in for a
murder but we can connect him to his bus and we have a direct connection to red
circle what we talk is black and white and the boss has traveled between
country and Albania on the flick-on basis to aunt her only this is a bigger
case and we wait for security reasons we have a spread all the data all the
knowledge with three different groups that anything happens it’ll be released
and the case is very clear and we thank the Italian police this was so much
three years to complete this case wanders by missile position and one does
buy trucks at the end they’re all terrorists and murderers any questions
I’ve got 20 minutes 17 minutes and I have to leave our flight to catch this is John can you hear me hello
yeah I can hear you John not sure what happened I can hear you too I got a
question about the Iranian conference you already paid for it you already
booked you saw for it it’s too late to ask a question job Americans are free to
travel to you but you can’t come in with a missile if your president sent you you
still accept you but have a have nothing in it just an empty me sir it says John
as a passenger no because many many Americans go I have requested in writing
from the Iranian officials to facilitate all those who go to tear off for a
congress i inviting ask the diplomatic officials to facilitate the iranians or
knowledge seekers to go to what you call it – but the tehran compress it doesn’t
matter what color racial religion you have it is a celebration of peace and
knowledge and I hope you have to get a visa yes of course you need to get a
visa and I said please when you make application right you go to the
conference Keshe Foundation conference from 19 to 20 seconds it’s the job of
our cash what they call it Iranian team to facilitate under this the negotiation
now is directly there is no else because if you understand the power situation in
Iran the negotiation is or the confirmation
is between a hominid and jetsam addition there is no other way there is no other
thing Iranian governing in structure doesn’t allow fish at this rate at this
high and why I think the only disk I’m meeting with one of the wall it is
next week for dinner and the same structure is he’s already acceptance
coming to Tehran we have a friendly dinner in Middle East with his with
Ambassador and him and he’s already accepted to come to Tamara I have
invited and all those war leaders who kiss our nation has a direct contact
with I think the beauty of it will be if the Saudis friends or Crown Prince to
attend Tehran’s meeting will extend that is the responsibility of some of these
Keshe foundation to make that inattention each nation’s Keshe
foundation is your responsibility to make them it if should your videos to
turn the complexity because it’s your conference doesn’t belong to any nation as I said if you are making go and given
the invitation to the White House in Whiterun to the conference as a friend
of mine said you know what the problem is the cash the Americans know how much
they’ve done wrong to you they every time you talk to them they don’t know
how to react out of embarrassment but it’s all worth it whatever has happened
is worth it and as I said go to them see and put the request directly they might
say we know nothing about this conference is not legal whatever
tell him is going to ayatollah khamenei is his decision not yours
administrators pass information on this decision with this conference has to
come from his person and holiday appear on nobody else nobody else can do this
because in Iran nobody has a power to do such a thing except him and I know he
cannot stop people going out or coming in if he decides he did it with me when
I was leaving to her to stop me in the airport at the last desk which is the
office of his airinas or hominid I couldn’t live there and I remember they
had our manager’s office saying we tried to negotiate that he can’t even sit you
have retrying and they took me back he wouldn’t let me go
they kept me for two more days so they negotiated someone an awkwardly and he’s
a man of knowledge he can do it and when you go don’t be afraid just say that
you’re going into eternal conference and you give him a copy and the invitation
to other hominid will be done if the documents were Iranian government’s
official brochures it’s just done in Farsi disputed would have seen it today
it’s just a few changes and all the Iranians can use it all the knowledge
which is round or difficult translated back it’s the English translated to
Farsi but it’s put in a different order to go going be proud who you are what
you are if you believe in what you are here or as part of the kitchen even the
Iranians have a problem how we’re going to behave what we call people from other
countries and I said we open the channel now find who you want you don’t go to
the airport hoping somebody will come the cash family is a platform for you to
what you call say you come to Tehran you’re my friends
fine who you gonna house who you gonna come you’re gonna be hosting and I’m
sure don’t look to if you go to Iran or the tree for this conference if you get
to know the Iranian side I know they’ll take you couple of days to check I will
be here they take you a couple of days to CSR on
and t-shir us and then planner two weeks another three days because this is part
of the Iranian culture will not get me not to show how we can capture I guess
don’t plan for three days may won’t be that way if you’re staying with the
Iranians at home and this is what the Iranian officials don’t really know how
to handle it people taking people home because how
can these people be told this and that when they are not decide that this very
interesting will sit and watch the outcome of this but yes go to the
embassy don’t cram what you’re going for and tell them it’s already been
announced I tell how many hostages so you get your instruction not from from
office from they are from there obviously some decide how many he
decides and we sure will see what happens I promised you peace and I cross
it this is not bad we are proud a very very very proud
nation we are proud that we have become the cause of peace you have had Theodore with his hand up
yeah go ahead Theodore Ted hey hey Rick hey miss Rakesh this is Ted
in West Virginia I don’t understand what you what do you feel about your
president humiliating you so bad well I’ve been ever since he became an office
I’ve been trying to connect with him on a soul level to push him for Denise I do
believe it’s possible I’m me and my sisters both a lot of people I know have
wanted peace some we wish for an America on our birthdays a lot it’s a common
wish your birthday wish world peace and I’m just I’m not ashamed you know I’m
very proud of the Iranian government in the American government if we can stop
fighting I don’t think there is no need for a fight this is you know who shows
who has something this is a beauty Oh red we don’t need I think it’s more
commercials pushing this than anybody else the way it looks a lot of things I
felt that way for a while I’ve been studying the war since 2001 and it’s
just sad nothing is come to an end you can spend your time in peace now read
about the peace thank you thank you very much well part of when I was coming to
peace on I was thinking lately about is about possibly like you know you you
said a lot about how we’re here because of what we what what we’re working on in
a way things that we’re making this condition to ourselves and I’ve been
wondering you know how you know the fear of death it helps us you just mentioned
that we here in slave in slaves by the others because of our fears and more
hunger and I just it’s hard for me to understand just how such a simple
machine like the dynamic system is able to like show us so much through that
with just such like how that’s able to tell us that condition and why the
different elements have such a different effect on the physicality is like I can
really understand why because our body is made of it you have to understand the
history of creation the history of creation is very simple as doesn’t
matter on this front or anywhere in the universe as new elements have entered
the body of the man or creatures then the body has tried to find a way to see
if he can use them to his benefit or he has tried to find a way to reject them
to say what is organized and achieved and so elements the use of elements has
been part of the operation of our life now we are making we are facilitating
not directly ourselves we don’t wait for the cycle of evolution we create that
condition of evolution directly ourselves for the first time we are
dictating how we want to evolve not by nature anymore it happened we came our
body changed we came to see we have changed us as human being have changed a
lot in the past 30 40 years because of the massive radiations if you study the
nuclear industry you will understand very rapidly that how we have changed we
see a lot of new things with with the body of the man which we could not
tolerate before if we didn’t have the nuclear whatever which we launched and
whatever came out in the last century we would have had a huge dilemma with
amount of radiation which came out of Russia our body adapts and ended up
thing takes his own cycle of work so it is
part of us we have to be aware of it and walk through it and live to it the
dynamic system that is there some of the universe
is that why this formation is called the star formation because I was thinking
awful hard about how the star formation is just like a pyramid looking like
tetrahedron looking kind of thing and I was like I typed in star formation into
Google and I saw this image come up and it showed the spiral is a ssin of the
galaxy and how all the different rings start feeding back on themselves to
create this star and I start thinking about your patent a little bit and how
there there has to be like goo in your pan you mentioned like almost putting in
particles or like the dust that they’re talking in the star formation that just
allows some kind of magic to happen in there my clothes on that mm it’s the
thing uh is not bad because we understand that’s all it is because we
understand the work of the universe that’s all there is no magic right and
this is the this is the cycle we understand we now we have to come to
understand this is why I keep on saying and people and a government or an under
Sun we don’t need nuclear nuclear is finished it was part of do we still look
at the atomic bomb because we have more powerful do we still look at the steam
engines this serve this purpose for whatever reason for whatever they did we
now entered a world of plasma a world of free votes we call it a plasma
they’re behind it feels this away had the nature of the universe is done just
because we educated ourselves doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with
education well thank you for being a plasma physics teacher very exciting
thank you thank you very much there’s a lot of housekeepers plasma what he
called his scientist I’m waiting for my taxi question from
mark house from the live stream he says can we build house and factory size Gans
harvesters and connect the output of the harvest to pipelines to the be home
that’s what the new system is watch the space in next few it’s next to tricks
the system coming out of China with a co2 extraction that’s what it is
you buy the system and you pay for the system and you put it back in in a way
we clean up what we messed up but this time you do what you see it because we
all know the effect of the what I call it the system this is the beauty of it
the new system as I told you in the rush going because I’m meeting with a I
called the cache partition China the system is they build it for something
else and opportunities that to change is something also we saw it and as I said
the factory was signed yesterday we took over and we we take we’re on rest every
and you will see these systems made in China
helping the world to clean up and then we feed it back and it cleans up and he
helps a lot of other things helps a lot of other things you got to
understand to reach where we are people like branding and charging charlie
Chow and many others have brought this position on and now they have given
they’ve taken the banner of changing the world by understanding technology and
being committed to it and next two days the what we call the structure of the
future of the Keshe foundation China in manufacturing will be drawn by the
Chinese just witnessed and that will change a lot of things exactly what you
said there’s a lot of good things happening it’s just that now we see what
we came here for which is peace and this is a everlasting peace this is the
beauty of this piece I said to somebody is just like going for a wrestling and
you get tired of it I did all the wrestling before t enough now we got
tired now it’s time to sit down and have a rest and we’re all ready whatever else
but at least we have solutions ready I think this position for mankind has
missed out a long time ago and now all of us we are just you know as I said
before are actors to show their there were the beautiful writing and how the
play was written we just hear all not just accidentally as you understand now
your physicality hasn’t nothing much it’s your soul just brought you here
mark house make me everybody else and we all had to play our part or this to
happen humanity in totality had to be in it otherwise would have been
dictatorship one man once now we all wanted and we all will get it actually
we already got it from what I heard last night it’s like
watching a football match which you know you win because the justice and peace
was much bigger than everything else it’s just watching it it’s amazing i sat
and milli missed my flight but I said and I listened to most powerful man in
the world licking his wound but still trying to find a way we will not let
Iran have a nuclear he said we don’t want a nuclear why are you telling us
something we don’t have any money of my mom my mother used to make the same food
if it was nice and she fed you again begin to go you realize it’s not you it
was her satisfaction of cooking something and we come we tested the
nuclear we tested everything else not just peace to knowledge out science yes Ashley from your wife oh my wife she’s
ten thousand kilometer away she can say what she like no I just arrived in
Beijing today and next week back on the teaching will come from the beautiful
island of Malta via teleconference and I think that we have that concern
country and then a couple of Mexico as I said Morris teachings every week will
come from one part of the world as we’re negotiating and developing positions
with governments it’s not easy to be committed to peace needs commitment for
life speaking of peace mr. Kerry a quick
question before you go there you’re still waiting for your taxi can we get
another question in Emily is Canada’s intermediary between so should Canada
pursue a better arrangement or can we even do so what can you smoke can you
tap it on the street well the way it is is right now mechana that doesn’t have
an embassy in Iran so we have to go through Italy to make arrangements like
right now 70 Canadians died in this plane crash in Iran and we don’t have a
connection we don’t have an embassy yet no one what’s between the tourists yeah
they’re on their way to Toronto and as well as 80 Iranians died and so a
hundred seventy people oh my god under noted yeah I just happened about 24
hours ago yeah I know about the crash father know there are so many Canadians
yeah about a third of them were Canadian and and almost well well over half of
the flight was going on their way to Toronto in fact they were saying that
Toronto they call it Turan Toronto because it’s a unique Iranians and call
it evangelist not Los Angeles and other what was the question the question is
Italy is the intermediary in I ran because they apparently have a
embassy there should Canada pursue a better arrangement or is it time for an
embassy for Canada in Iran Canadians I think everything will change from to
this time but the Canadians the Italians are Iranians as I always say we always
been together we cutting around from Italy Italy from Iran is a possibility
because we were too much with each other or we’re two and a half three thousand
years we are embedded in each other’s culture but I do not know what will be
that’s a political decision on the dramatic situation but I’m sure once the
America moves back out he said he wants peace because they have no room for war
he tried everything against his army to the Saudis they wouldn’t play he poked
everybody up I was waiting for the other baloney to come in he came in he can’t
deliver very much and we’ll see what happens support the peaceful is the
beginning of it this this conference as I said in my talk to the Iranian on
issues of our writing to Korean officials this is the time to take the
lead of the world leadership in peace and knowledge and don’t talk about us
the Middle East are talking about the past we’re lost
we have to be wise and the reason has to come from the Iranian leadership okay I
have to go they tell me the car is there right thank you very much indeed see you
next week in the beautiful island of Malta Thank You indeed bye-bye okay to
get managed to get a few last-minute questions in there so that was good I
think is there any other announcements that we need to make other than a
reminder for people to have a look at the cash
foundation store website under the events there and that’s to do with the
Mexican event 7th 8th and 9th of February to 2020 in Mexico City or you
can sign up for that as well so they’re on going in and coming up workshops okay
thank you everybody for attending today and for your questions and this is gonna
jump in Rick okay of course hi everyone I like when when
we are going to start the private teaching can you announce that please
well as far as I know what mr. Keshe said it was going to start on Monday the
13th coming up but the 13th is not a good day to start so it was supposed to
start on the 14th but Tuesday the 14th ok now there is a question whether we
have the testimonials workshop on Monday or not and I need some feedback maybe
from management on that or somebody can make a decision on that will have to put
a notice up about it but otherwise they’ll be the one nation one planet One
race for world peace on Tuesday as usual and that’s at what time I mean ocmc it
for them sorry Stanley stays here testimony that can’t be until the 13th
can be can be is okay well perhaps we’ll go ahead with the testimonials on Monday then that’ll be that one I
think is at 8 p.m. and South one I said yes cooked until European time yep okay
so very good we have those two lined up for Tuesday as well as the private
teachings they’ll be a schedule for that probably published in the student zum-zum chat okay any other questions or
announcements I think Oh a voice yes hi just before you closed down I want to
thank mr. Kesh for the peace message he has shared with us and he has promised
us there will be no more war and we are establishing it through our wishes and
our dedication as knowledge seekers we are in it together and we are shining
like beautiful Souls through the knowledge thank you very much everybody yes and big thanks to you Carolina for
dining many of us in that that adventure toward peace and toward our wishes using
our wishes and our intention to set that as a as a goal very good work all right
anything else before we go no thank you okay
that’s it for the three hundred and tenth knowledge seekers workshop for
Thursday January ninth 2020 thanks everybody for attending and I think
Flint’s gonna play a video to go with bye for now hello we are the cash foundation our
mission is to bring peace on earth and join humanity with the universal
community we wish and work to bring man as equal to all beings in the universe
by teaching plasma science and technology equally to everyone no one is
left out and no one is abused due to lack of knowledge
by donating to us you can help achieve this goal cash foundation.org forward
slash donate innovative revolutionary stellar
development purest universal knowledge in a transformative futuristic design
the universal body enhancement spaceship unit the very first new evolutionary
spaceship technology has been rolled out for mass production how universal body
enhancement spaceship unit is constructed from high-quality materials
carefully selected by our team of experts embedding the essence of the new
Gans plasma science and technology it uses collective plasma field technology
for changing and enhancing the environment of the body of the man this
new plasma enhancement changes the environment of the body to allow it to
return to its natural balanced energetic condition as in the womb of the mother
allowing every cell in the body of the man to find its natural original field
strength balance the shape and field distribution in this new space plasma
technology replicates the inner structure of the universe and replicates
the balance fields from which the man was created a point of Inception in the
womb of the mother not only receiving balance in the physical but also in the
emotional sense – for the first time in the history of man a system has been
developed and delivered which not only enhances the physical body of the man
but also enhances the emotional part of the user of the system hence reducing
and eliminating many problems that could not be solved in the world of science to
bring the body of the man into near perfection as at the time of birth this new spaceship technology can be
within the reach of every man today and can be ordered by medical practitioners
sport specialists and healthcare centers the universal enhancement spaceship unit
the future you have been waiting for is here the journey from space to spaceship
technology has started every order is subject to a contractual agreement and
might require additional accessories priced separately applications according
to each case you can order or contact us at office at 80 k FM Global for
additional information you
you this video gives an insight into the
therapeutic progress of a wheelchair-bound subject diagnosed with
Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s male aged 58 since his late 40s has been suffering
from the – of forementioned conditions which over the past two years have
progressed dramatically leading to a substantial loss of control over his
limbs he was brought into the hospital in a wheelchair unable to transition
from it to a standing position stand by himself or walk unassisted holding a pen
and writing was also beyond his physical capability the processing of this case
started in China in early September 2019 using the universal body enhancement
spaceship unit the subject spent 15 to 20 minutes twice daily in this unit
under the supervision of a team of qualified doctors and physiotherapists
but progress of rebalancing this condition through the use of the
universal body enhancement spaceship unit is presented in this video knowing
that every case is unique the duration of the full rebalancing for such a
condition while steadily reducing medications is approximately 16 weeks
currently a team of healthcare professionals continues with the process
and upon completion will report its findings to the scientific world day 1
the initial assessment the volunteer is in a wheelchair he is unable to take any
steps on his own day four standing up the volunteers
stands up by himself after the plasma processing sessions and takes his first
steps using a walking frame day five the volunteer is walking using
a walking frame his walking unassisted walking outside
and is confidently walking towards his car day six walking outside he is
walking with more ease by the day day 12 plasma processing the volunteer
walks faster easily passes through doors and even manages to sit down unaided writing the volunteer is able to write
for the first time after a very long period day 14 standing up the volunteer
transitions from kneeling to standing day fifteen ongoing improvement the
volunteer is now far more agile they 29 is able to do squats on his own day 30 progressing various exercises
such as step climbing on elevated surfaces and walking backwards are now
possible day thirty-plus vocal exercising the
volunteer begins vocal exercises to restore his voice and speech the
volunteer practices motor skills and hand-eye coordination using a ball you day 36 exercising he practices further
coordination skills you here’s more proficient when step
climbing on elevated surfaces Dave 40-plus walking the volunteer is
confidently taking a walk in the park de 40-plus coordination now he is
confident to resume a normal life and go shopping with his family in the crowded
market he is improving his movement coordination de 40-plus exercising he continues to
exercise in the public parks you you day 42 running unimaginable seven weeks
earlier he was in a wheelchair now the volunteer runs for the first
time you day 42 running he is running
longer distances with ease day 45 running he quickly progresses getting
better day by day now he runs in sports arena achieving 300 to 600 meters in
different sessions in a way that doctors barely keep up you day 59 climbing the volunteer engages in
adventure park activities and successfully climbs on a net day sixty cycling you now add cycling
exercises to his routine you you you you

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