AudioQuest Tour, Part VII: A Beautiful, Efficient Warehouse

AudioQuest Tour, Part VII: A Beautiful, Efficient Warehouse

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So this warehouse is 32,000 square
feet. This building we built from the ground up … … the structure existed but the
interior did not. So we built it to suit us. The way the warehouse is laid out, the
racking system itself, every aspect we did ourselves and we’ve changed it over the years but we feel
that right now its probably at its most organized … very, very efficient. What you’re looking at over here, this is
all of our packaging department so when the orders come out here they’ll
get fulfilled here both domestically and internationally. We ship to lots of different
countries … we have about 70 different countries that we ship to and some of those are shipped right out of here. We have another facility in the Netherlands that they shipped all over
Europe to, as well as another facility in Hong
Kong, in the free trade zone. From the lighting that we have, to
the clean floors, to our giant fans that we have, one of
the nice things at AudioQuest is we have an owner that believes the back end is as
important as the front end, and in doing so he’s allowed us to spend the
money in our warehouse to give the guys a nice environment where they work. On both sides of the racking, on this side
we have our overstocks … a large amount of cables, lots of HDMI cables in there. Down through this section,
this is what we call our flow rack. So our flow rack is a gravity-fed rack
system so the guys can come through here they
can pull anything from one item all the way up to 60 items … 80 items … 100 items. So they’re stocking these racks daily and
we do that because we don’t want the pickers to ever come into this rack
and not be able to find a product or have to open a box or have to pull a
pallet down, and again it’s all about efficiency. Of the orders that we get every single
day, ninety-eight percent of those ship the same day they come in … as long as
it’s out here on the floor before about 12:30 in the afternoon we ship it out the door the same day. So
as we come down this way this is where we move into our spools.
So this is all of our bulk spools that we sell. We put this at the very end of the
warehouse … it’s closer to the back, as the spools are heavy, we sell the stuff in full pallet
loads as well as a single box of spool. This is all of our
shipping department. So we ship all around the world. We ship
to different dot coms, we ship to mom and pop hi-fi stores, all
the way up to the big box stores. This is our receiving department. So we’ve
got two docks, another one of our forklifts. Again, another one of the cool things
that we have is our fancy mister there from Australia. So on
a hot day the guys can pull that into the container that actually lowers the
temperature in the container by about eight degrees without adding
any any moisture to the product itself. So now we are in our second warehouse. This warehouse is about 17,000 square feet. It holds roughly 850 pallets in the racking
itself and we can put about another 500 on the
floor. So now we can take a little look at what’s inside here. So this is some shipments that I
think either just came in or is getting ready to go out. And that’s it. That’s all I got.

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  1. AudioQuest Love you guys.
    Just got AudioQuest Forest HDMI 3 Meter Cable today and YES this works so much better than the 8$ one i had. Maybe one day i will be able to own the diamond series hdmi.

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