Daybreak 天空渐渐亮 – Ep 7

Daybreak 天空渐渐亮 – Ep 7

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You mentioned Haifa Lor Mee Is their lor mee served with… crispy deep-fried meat patty, fish, and a spoonful of
their speciality green chilli? Yes -Bingo! I knew it was that stall The thought of their lor mee
makes me salivate Mr Zhang, please refrain from digressing
and come to the point Yes, Your Honour Did you specially go to that area… to patronize Haifa Lor Mee? Yes Did you manage to do that? No No? He said no Everybody, does anyone know if the stall
is open for business today? I don’t think anyone here knows Mr Zhang Your Honour The DPP said my client was lying… because he didn’t know beforehand
if the stall was open that day If that means he was lying, does that mean
everyone here is also lying? Mr Zhang, please stick to the facts Got it We’ll stick to the facts On the day of the incident,
my client did make a wasted trip But he didn’t lie The DPP cannot prove that… my client was tailing the victim, much less harbouring an intent to hurt her It really was just a coincidence There are many chance meetings in life I’m sure all of you feel the same way Objection Patronizing Haifa Lor Mee
is just the defendant’s excuse You think my client
wanted to seek revenge… and tailed the victim… so he could get a chance to hurt her? That’s exactly what he did He even fled the scene
to avoid punishment The defendant did not
render any help to the victim Yet the defence lawyer said
it was a chance meeting Not only does that seem illogical, but it also makes one feel indignant Your puzzlement… and thoughts… are understandable But my client didn’t flee
to avoid punishment He left the scene because he was afraid He recognized the victim… as the DPP who had prosecuted his sister As there was bad blood
between him and the victim, he was worried he’d be
accused of seeking revenge So he decided to run away He knew everyone would judge him, and think it was a planned attack… instead of an accident That’s why things have come to this I hope all of you will
put yourselves in my client’s shoes Imagine how worried… and helpless he must’ve felt What are you doing? Your wound isn’t dressed properly?
Get the doctor to redo it It’s not that. My wife will be
scared witless if she sees me like this She’ll grill me to no end Just tell her truthfully
you got injured at work You want me to tell her the truth? You don’t know what my wife’s like If I tell her the truth, she’ll kill me What now? You can hide your hand injury, but what about your facial injury? Never mind, I know how to deal with her If you feel dizzy or nauseous later,
go to the doctor’s Don’t worry, I’ll be fine It’s nothing I haven’t experienced Why didn’t you pick up the phone just now? My phone’s on silent mode,
I forgot to turn it off Silent mode? What if your wife calls you? I’ll be more worried if she gets paranoid Every time my phone rings,
she suspects it’s another woman calling That’s why the moment I get home,
I put my phone on silent mode So she won’t know
even if someone calls me Then there will be peace I bet your wife’s sensitive
because you have a bad track record It’s because of her
I have a bad track record I used to have to lie to my ex
in order to go out with her I’d lie that I was busy at work
or had a reservist stint I’d come up with all sorts of excuses So even if you really go home late
because of work, she won’t believe you? Forget it You can’t blame her for
not having a sense of security I did all that for her She benefited That may be true, but she can’t help
keeping an eye on you What’s that supposed to mean? Never mind, don’t dwell on it A lifetime will be over before you know it Just put up with it Over before I know it? How simply you put it Are you trying to comfort me? Well, you dug your own grave Take it as a form of cultivation Bye, my friend for life Take care Friend for life? Based on the closing statements
of both the prosecutor and defence lawyer, I conclude there is insufficient evidence… to prove that the accused
got close to the victim on purpose I hereby find him not guilty of assault The accused Lin Zhengdong shall be given
a discharge not amounting to an acquittal, and released on the spot Court dismissed All rise A discharge not amounting to an acquittal
doesn’t mean you’re in the clear If the prosecution finds new evidence,
they may prosecute you again I’ve nothing to be afraid of
since you’re my lawyer Even if you have money,
I may not want to represent you Remember this – whatever it is, take responsibility for your mistake Don’t run away Always think twice before you act Then you wouldn’t be prosecuted Easy Mr Zhang, I’ve got to hand it to you In dubio pro reo Even if it means a criminal
will get off scot-free, we must never wrongfully convict
an innocent person I’m sure you two are aware of that Justice may sometimes be late, but it’ll never be absent I agree with that Mr Zhang Any thoughts on the case just now? It was just a normal case.
No particular thoughts on it But both the witness and victim
are reputable figures One’s a judge, and the other’s a DPP Yet you defeated them I hope you’ll play that down It’s not that I defeated them They only testified in court Besides, the other party’s status
doesn’t matter to me Do you believe that
your client is innocent? You heard the judgement earlier Mr Zhang, I hear you’re an ex-convict Yes I also hear you got
your law degree in prison Aren’t you resourceful Can we interview you? Maybe, if I’m free My boss wants me to interview you If I don’t get it done, I’ll be dead meat That has nothing to do with me I guess I should start
looking for a new job How about interviewing me as we walk? Mister, please support
our blood donation drive It’s just nearby Will I get paid? No, but one unit of blood
can save up to three lives To be honest, I just got injured I’m waiting for someone
to donate blood to me too You can donate your blood
after your wound has healed We have a doctor at the centre
who’ll examine you… to see if you can be accepted
as a blood donor Sure, I’ll go over to take a look later Thank you Daddy Yi’en, my precious Wait a minute, how did you
get this wound to your cheek? You have one too I got injured at work.
You don’t work, do you? Be honest with me.
Did you get into a fight in school? They mocked at me What did they say? Meibao asked me what your job was I told her you collected money from others How could you tell her that? But that’s the truth. What do you
expect me to tell her, then? That irritating Marcus said,
you’re a beggar He even called you a loan shark Everyone laughed at me How mean of them to bully you That’s why I got into a fight with them They ganged up on you? Otherwise, I wouldn’t have lost Why didn’t you tell your teacher? You’re so stupid Just ignore what others say in future But I was livid Daddy, tell me the truth Are you a loan shark? It’s a crime to be a loan shark They get arrested and punished Look at me – I’m too good-looking
to be a bad guy Have you ever done a good deed? You bet! I often help elderly women cross the road
and collect cardboard When I take the bus or train,
I give up my seat to those who need it And… I’ve done so many good deeds, I need more than three days
to tell you about them You’re lying. I’ve never seen you
do any good deeds I’ll show you right now Come on Hi, I’m here to donate blood Please fill in this form Daddy, why do you have to
fill in a form to donate blood? They need to make sure
I’m a good guy… before they’ll let me donate blood Your wound has healed You can donate blood
since there’s no bruise Daddy, are you scared? I’m not afraid of donating blood.
I’m just afraid of injections Why do I need an injection? This is an anaesthetic injection -What? Try to relax Blood’s coming out Daddy, does it hurt? Not at all It’s just like a mosquito bite Why are you back so late? How did you get injured? Tell your mummy how you got injured I… I got into a fight with my classmates Do you go to school to study
or learn boxing? How could you get into a fight? Cool down There’s a reason why he got into a fight.
It wasn’t his fault Don’t defend him.
It’s wrong to hit someone Did you hit them, or did they hit you? Marcus laughed at me,
saying Daddy was a bad guy You got into a fight just because
they laughed at you? Then you’re no different from them No matter what other people say
in future, you’re not to fight with them Get it? You can get me to help you fight You’re to blame for being
a bad role model You always talk about hitting others I don’t Why is there a wound to your cheek too? You got into a fight too? Nah. I donated blood just now That doesn’t explain your wound I bumped against something by accident But I really donated blood just now See this plaster here Mummy, the nurse says a unit of blood… can save up to three lives Is the nurse pretty? Yup! Mummy, how did you know that? Don’t talk nonsense That nurse was so fat and ugly,
I lost my appetite Don’t listen to him No wonder you went to donate blood You had other intentions Did you get her number
so you could ask her out for a date? Don’t imagine things.
I really only went to donate blood I don’t believe you. As if you’d
donate blood when you’re injured I wanted to prove to Yi’en that… I, his daddy, am a good guy Won’t you believe me? Donating blood doesn’t make you a good guy You may have fooled our son,
but you can’t fool me Go take a shower and have your meal,
then do your homework Seems like you’ve made a full recovery Great! Thank you, doctor Thank you I didn’t realize how good it feels
to be able to take a stroll What’s wrong? You seem preoccupied Chulin wants to give up custody of Ray… and give him back to me She suddenly changed her mind… about our agreement She’s trying to make things
difficult for me What do you plan to do? Getting custody of my child… doesn’t concern me alone I know… it’s unfair to you I’m his dad It’s my duty to take care of him But… you’re not obliged to do the same Have you asked Ray… who he wants to live with? If this matter isn’t handled properly, it’ll be unfair to everyone, especially Ray Chulin is… making Ray her bargaining chip “Beaten up at a car park
for stealing a gang leader’s woman” The nerve of him to steal
a gang leader’s woman Watch this Is that you and Weilong? Who’s this vile person who filmed a video
instead of calling the police? It’s really you two? Why didn’t you tell me
Weilong got beaten up? Watch your tone.
Are you blaming me or him? I’m calling him Don’t bother. Relax, he’s fine It was such a close shave that day.
We almost got killed Look at the title of the video “Stealing a gang leader’s woman”? Who’s that woman? You? It’s really you? When did you become
a gang leader’s woman? Don’t believe that ridiculous title Weilong offended those debtors I happened to pass by
and they thought we were in cahoots So they took me hostage How dramatic I must say he’s a loyal friend He got down on his knees for you… and let them beat him up If I were him, I’d have fled Oh? Why didn’t you flee back then? Then you wouldn’t have gone to prison I was young and stupid I’m wiser now You’re implying Weilong is stupid? Isn’t he? People who don’t know you
may think you’re a couple He risked his life to save you Don’t be absurd. I’ll be done for
if his wife hears you We’re good friends who have
now become friends for life I believe you But gossip is a fearful thing I don’t care what others say.
I’ve got nothing to hide If a married couple gets a divorce… and both parties don’t want the child, how will the case be handled? That rarely happens I mean, if If the couple can’t reach an agreement, they’ll have to go to court Is the couple your friends? It’s my boyfriend He and his wife have been
separated for four years Their divorce will be finalized
in another week But his wife suddenly wants to
give up custody of their son to him You’re troubled over whether
you should accept his son? This is all too sudden I’m not prepared at all If you don’t accept his child, what will he do? He says no matter what my decision is, it won’t affect our relationship But… if I don’t accept his child, I’ll feel that I’m selfish Has it occurred to you
that you aren’t the selfish one? It’s that man, the child’s dad Forgive me for being frank He’s making you the bad guy
by asking you to make a decision He knows full well if he gives up
custody of his son as well, you’ll despise him How did you two meet? We met in the UK It was two years ago He was in London for a holiday He asked me for directions We had our second encounter
when I went mountain climbing We happened to meet again I sprained my ankle at the time He carried my backpack for me… and helped me walk down the mountain That was how we started dating How romantic I shouldn’t have come back Then I wouldn’t be so troubled Do you know why you’re troubled now? I’m suddenly asked to accept a child There are many things
to take into consideration His living arrangements, basic needs, education, and my relationship with him I think there’s only one reason You don’t love him enough If I didn’t love him, I wouldn’t be
feeling so troubled I beg to differ If you really loved him,
you’d have accepted his child readily… instead of feeling troubled I’m sure you know what
“love me, love my dog” means I’m not asking you to give up anything I just want you to get a clearer picture, since an outsider sees most of the game But this concerns you You know best if you love him or not The ball is in your court Follow your heart Don’t bother about other people’s opinions,
including mine You’ve said so much But only your last piece of advice… is pleasing to the ear If your mum finds out you’re not eating
the breakfast she made again, we’ll both be done for Daddy, it’s my birthday today Won’t you help me? I really dislike oatmeal Please…? Hurry up What would you like for your birthday? Can I skip tuition today? No way Your grades are poor Do you want to get retained? They don’t retain students these days Didn’t the government say there would be
no exams for primary school students? That doesn’t mean he should stop learning Besides, they’re only scrapping exams
for some levels Yi’en, be a good boy I’ll take you out for a celebration
after your tuition Mummy, where are we going? We’ll go to the science centre You can learn as you play It’s his birthday,
let him decide where to go Yi’en, where would you like to go? I want to go ice skating Sure Go for your tuition later Then we’ll go ice skating after that Yeah! Why didn’t you eat the dragon fruit? I had a hard time cutting it How hard can cutting dragon fruit be? What do you know? Eat it Finish it You’ll finish everything, OK? Helping you eat your oatmeal
already makes me feel like throwing up Eat it yourself Please…? Fine, I’ll help you I’ll eat it for you But you have to let me bite you No! Zheng Weilong! Eat up What’s the matter? See for yourself You were beaten up for stealing
a gang leader’s woman? What’s your relationship with this woman? Can’t you tell it’s Shuying? Isn’t she a woman? Why did you go down on your knees for her? You even let them beat you up
without retaliating What’s that supposed to mean? The bunch of them held her hostage
and blackmailed me They forced me to kneel down I had no choice Why were you with her? We happened to meet
when I was collecting a debt The debtor got a bunch of people
to attack me She tried to tip me off
but got caught instead If I had left her in the lurch,
I wouldn’t be a man Be reasonable, will you? You think I’m unreasonable? Yes, I’m the only
unreasonable person in the world If you didn’t have anything to hide, why didn’t you tell me about it
when you came home that day? You always kick up a fuss for no reason If I’d told you, you’d have hit the roof Why would I look for trouble? So you think I’m a spiteful
and unreasonable woman You treat another woman like a treasure… but treat me like dirt Zheng Weilong, we’ve been married for years!
How could you let me down? Come on, I’ve never treated you like dirt Don’t try to deny it Proof of your philandering ways
has been posted online I can’t be bothered to
explain to you anymore Zheng Weilong You didn’t even get down
on your knee when you proposed to me Yet you did that for another woman Do you have any regard for me
and our family? Stop! Have you had enough? Let me say this for the last time – I only did that to save someone.
I had no other intention I can’t help it
if you don’t believe me Don’t make yourself
eat something you don’t like If I don’t eat it, Mummy will get angry Daddy, can I ask you a question? Why do you always quarrel with Mummy? I don’t want to either Do you really have another woman? Don’t listen to your mummy.
There’s no other woman I swear Then why does Mummy
always say otherwise? Adults can be complicated You’ll understand all this
when you grow up I’ve already grown up Being an adult is different That your mummy and I argue a lot
doesn’t mean we don’t love each other All right? Daddy, are we still going ice skating? Sure But Mummy was livid Will she still go? No worries, leave it to me Yeah! Come, I’ll take you to your tuition class Where are you going? None of your business Don’t do this. It’s our son’s birthday I wouldn’t be doing this
if you hadn’t fooled around I’m begging you Too late When you went down on your knees
for another woman, you should’ve anticipated this We promised Yi’en
we’d take him ice skating Please? Today’s his birthday You promised him that, I didn’t We’ll wait for you Morning, boss What’s the point of wishing me
a good morning… when there’s no client? Sorry, can’t help you with that The kind of clients you have matters too If it’s the kind who can’t pay you,
then forget it Don’t be so mercenary I have your best interests at heart By the way, boss, you haven’t
given me a pay rise in ages Go get yourself some cookies instead Where were you just now? I was discussing a case with a DPP I don’t want to talk about it. Just my luck Why? The DPP wouldn’t back down? The charges have been dropped Isn’t that good news? I wasn’t talking about this I ran into Wan’an in the lift earlier Surely you didn’t argue again? What’s worse is I didn’t even
have a chance to argue with her Sorry, I don’t get it Me neither OK I was in the lift… when my friend sent me a video clip So I played the clip Baby, I’m waiting for you Don’t get the wrong idea.
It’s a clip from my friend I didn’t know what it was No need to explain Birds of a feather flock together Your ankle is OK now? Congrats Wan’an saw the clip? I can’t believe it I’ll never be able to clear my name Boss, won’t you share the clip with me? You’re gross Share with you, my foot It’s a crime to share obscene videos Why didn’t you explain it to her? How? Looks like you care a lot
about how Wan’an sees you It’s not only how she sees me I care about what everybody thinks of me I’m a lawyer. I have an image to keep It’s a good thing you don’t
exactly have a good image Take it easy By the way, where’s Amy? She took half a day off
as her boyfriend is getting discharged Speak of the devil Thank goodness we weren’t bad-mouthing… Amy, you all right? What’s the matter? I’d wanted to give him a surprise, but… But you had a shock instead? How did you know that? I disapprove of surprises, because you usually get
more than what you bargain for That’s the “ostrich mentality” No. Some things are better left unknown Don’t go looking for trouble Amy, you saw another woman at his place? You guys are spot on It’s obvious from your expression I opened the door
and saw that woman in his bed Amy, perhaps you shouldn’t
jump to conclusions When I was little, my sister
used to lie in my bed too Could that woman be his sister? He’s already come clean
about their relationship I’ve got to hand it to Zak.
I didn’t expect him to confess Of course, he was caught red-handed Did he explain it to you? He said he didn’t love that woman He only wanted a fling, but that woman pestered him Amy, surely you don’t believe him? I’m at a loss Boss, what should I do? You want my opinion? Even if he says
he doesn’t love that woman, it doesn’t mean he loves you I agree with her this time Zak loves only himself Exactly Amy, you’re in no condition to work Go home and rest Boss, Amy doesn’t work for you The only person you can send home is me It’s OK, I’m fine Go home. I don’t want others
to think I’m cold-blooded Go back and have a good rest Daddy, why isn’t Mummy here yet? She’ll be here Why don’t we go ice skating as we wait? OK Daddy Are you done cooking? I’m famished I’m almost done.
I’ve prepared the noodles Daddy, why are the eggs red? They were laid by red hens Really? Then do black hens lay black eggs? I was just kidding You must have red eggs on your birthday When I was a kid, my mum
would make red eggs for me too What will happen after I eat them? You’ll grow up well and get smarter Eat these first I’ll cook the noodles Smells wonderful Why haven’t you eaten the eggs? I want to wait for Mummy All right. Have the noodles first, then No, I want to wait for Mummy We always celebrate my birthday together But the noodles will turn soggy
and won’t taste good I want to wait for Mummy to come back OK We’ll wait together Hot matcha, thank you I didn’t think you’d ask me out I was worried you’d be upset with me I’ve thought through a lot these few days Hold on Before you give your judgement, I have something to say Now you know what it feels like
to wait for the final judgement in court Get Ray back You’ll accept him? The child is innocent I don’t want his happiness to be sacrificed
because of the adults’ dispute Wan’an Thank you It’s what I ought to do My divorce will be finalized in two days Then we can finally be together
without reservations Don’t forget about Ray We should be a bit more discreet
when Ray’s around I don’t want him to feel left out Thank you… for putting yourself in his shoes It must be Mummy Mummy Hello Is Yi’en in? He’s Yi’en. What’s the matter? There’s a parcel for him.
Please acknowledge receipt I’m his dad. I’ll do that for him Sign here Thanks What a big present Mummy wrote this card to you. Read it Yi’en, my precious Happy birthday Mummy Your mummy is busy,
so she can’t make it home It’s all right Let’s blow out the candles
and cut the cake Yi’en, you must be happy
on your birthday Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to Yi’en Happy birthday to you Yi’en, make a wish I wish Mummy would appear… and have cake with me Come Wan’an Shuying Why are you here? He’s here to collect
his divorce certificate… and you’re meeting him here? All the best Renxing This is Shuying, the landlady
cum good friend I often tell you about This is Renxing Hi Hi Wan’an I need to talk to you What is it? I’m sorry I hope you’ll forgive me What’s happened? Chulin wants custody of Ray again? No Let me tell her I didn’t expect you to come here and wait I’m afraid it’s a wasted trip for you We’re not getting a divorce I’m still Mrs Wu, because… I’m pregnant Subtitles: Youshi, Mediacorp TV

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