23 thoughts on “Digital Service Experience | Mercedes me

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  2. This is so ridiculous! Should we be impressed by the thoughts that we can check the service status and make an online booking via our phone? These features should have been implemented 5 years ago…
    It’s so obvious they are trying to hype something that is not even hypeble. I have an MB myself that’s only 1 year old, but If thinks continue like this I will switch to a Tesla. All these ICE cars are so offline in comparison, for no actual reason…..

  3. I am utterly disappointed! I thought finally you guys had released those James Bond cars that can be remote controlled over the phone. This app you are advertising is not so special coz third party developers could do better! It would be cool if at least if the app can enable an owner to either start the car, monitor if the car is being tampered with, can track the car via gps over the phone, can lock/unlock the car… something "WOW" about the app that would be so Mercedes-classy would be dope if you guys put it in the app! Otherwise this app is as good as college assignment for a 18 year old in Nigeria!

  4. This is the shittiest app I have on my phone. Works around 60% of the time. Most people hate it as it has 2.5 stars on the playstore

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