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Nathan, what is “babai” food? Babai food. Oh, no, that’s baby food. Babai food. No, baby food. Babai food. No, baby food, like food meant for babies. Oh, okay. Yeah, put it back, you don’t need it. Okay. Bye-bye! Hey guys, so a few days ago, I met someone who just came to America with his family from Vietnam, and he doesn’t know too much about how life works here in America yet, so I thought it’d be a cool video to just take him grocery shopping and show him around. What’d you say your name was again? My name (is) Ging Ging. Ching Ching? No, Ging Ging. Oh, Jing Jing. No, no, no, no, Ging Ging. Yeah, so I said Jing Jing. No, you say Jing Jing, Ging Ging. Jing Jing. Choi, I mean you come on boy. Eh (untranslatable) idiot, Jing Jing. No, it’s Ging Ging, how hard it could be? Ging Ging, Ging Ging! (gong sound) Ging Ging, do you any laundry detergent? What (is) that? It’s used to wash clothes. Oh. How (did) they fit the Saigon River in here? Minute Rice, why (is it) so fast? Yeah, in America, we don’t really like waiting, the faster the better. Oh, so weird. What is my wife still not happy in bed even though we in America? hey, are you looking for mouthwash? What (is) that? It’s just used to make your mouth clean. (Do) I need it? Well, it’s just something extra. You should be fine with a toothbrush. What (is) that? Oh, um, I don’t know (how to) say that in Vietnamese. Um, it’s, oh, it’s right here! Is this thing. Toothbrush. Oh, what (is) that? Ging Ging, we’re gonna work on your English. Oh, no, no, no, my English (is) so bad, it embarrasses me so much. You can do it here, um, pronounce this. Oh, why you make me do this? I cannot, I cannot, do it-Miracle Whip. I cannot do it, I, no, no. That was actually pretty good. O-O Hmm, Nathan, should I get a small dog or the medium dog what no ging ging that’s dog food I know dog is food No dog food as in food for dogs. Yes, dog is food, food for me. No, it’s not meant for you It’s just food to feed dogs. Oh, wow, America, so smart. why? they make food for dog dog. Come to eat food We come to eat dog. Ging Ging No! Nathan, how did they get the Dory and Nemo in here? No, those are just wipes changing just because it’s the picture doesn’t mean that’s an actual product. Oh… In that case, I put all this back then. Okay. Put what back Oh M- Ging Ging what you need all these kids for? child labor the iPhone don’t make itself Ging Ging you want to try doing puns? what that? it’s a it’s something Liza Koshy does a lot like look. I’m I’m so tired I could “lay” down. Oh… That’s not funny. But okay I try. All right go Tostitos, that’s all? you have to like here look you are “fanta”stic Get it like because it’s Fanta. Oh, okay, so I try now to be funny. Well, I guess okay, okay I have one now. All right, let’s see it Tostitos, *sigh* never mind. Ai Ya, no no! Ging Ging, what’s wrong? why there the so many bees Oh, that’s just cereal. Don’t worry. I know but they remind me of my son report card Give me the heart attack Wow America have everything! they have the good pee and the bad pee! no Ging Ging. That’s not pee That’s oil what that it’s used to keep food from sticking to the pan. Oh… Okay, we used this one a lot where come from. corn oil? No, we use the bad Pee! Ging Ging that’s gross! I know I was kidding. Hahahahahahaha Alright good. We used the good pee! Ai Ya, Ging Ging are you okay? my head hurt so much. oh, well you wanna grab some Advil? what that? it’s a drug. it helps with… Did you find it? yes this make me feel good? yeah it should help with your headache. I Don’t think work. no, it’s not that kind of drug Jing Jing. Oh it this kind of drug If not what? no, you’re supposed to swallow it. Oh… Nathan, I don’t understand. understand what? it’s say taste of Asia, but why’d they make pollution into a taste Ging Ging… Why would you say that? That’s where you’re from. Why you think I moved to America, to get away from the pollution, but the pollution here, too! Nathan what Should I do, what are you looking for? Well, it’s a buy two get one free, but I don’t know because I only have two kids. wait… Why do your kids need broomsticks? Oh, I know two broomstick for Jimmy. He’s been very bad boy. No Ging Ging You can’t do that here in America. Do what? you can’t hit children with broomsticks. Why would I do that? I buy boomstick… So they help me clean. Oh, okay. Sorry, I misunderstood Okay, you can join my son when I hit them with my whip for being so stupid Nathan what this one do. Oh, it does math for you. It’s a calculator. Oh… Why people need? it just makes doing math Go by faster. I Have calculator already in here! ask me a math question right now 67 times 32 How much for the calculator? Ging Ging guess the name of the candle Hmm Smell like fruit smoothie. Yeah. What about this one? The cafe, oh my god, you’re good this three for three. Let’s go with this one. Oh This one’s smell very familiar. Oh, hey my mom has this in her room. Oh, yeah, your’e right! it uh cherry blossom Yeah, wait, why were you in my mom’s room? Let’s just say not smell like the cherry blossom after hahaha Nathan what is makeup? Oh umm girls usually to make themselves look prettier. Oh… Honey I buy you the makeup, okay? Hahaha she says she already have the makeup. honey, You’re so funny Ging Ging. what? I’m gonna help you out and buy all your groceries for you Alright? Oh no, no, no, no No, I cannot it’s fine. It’s a gift from me to you. Oh, thank you so much Nathan You fell for it. He’s so stupid. You’re welcome You wanna say anything before I end the video I come to this country to get away from the mosquito But the mosquitos still here mosquitos where I don’t see any Mos- Tostitos ehh close enough


  1. Giiiing Ging:“I have calculator in my head ask me a math question right now”
    Nathan:“Uhh 67×2”
    Giiiing Ging:“How much for the calculator”

  2. plot twist: Nathan has 6 twins, and one of them pretends to have an accent and wears the hat,

    another plot twist: ging ging is actually Nathan because they look identical and they both have braces

  3. Me: watching this
    My Vietnamese ?? mom: Staring at my phone like she knows what this video is talking about (she only speaks Chinese and Vietnam)
    Me: hides under my blanket

  4. Dude: that's dog food.
    Ging ging: Yes! Dog is food, food for me! OML ROFL LMAO. Ging ging: to make puns I have to not be funny? okay I got one! "tostitos" wow, America have everything! sees yellow oil The good pee sees orange oil and the bad pee! it says taste of asia but why they make pollution into a taste



    JingJing:omg America have everything! They have the good pee and the bad pee!

    Me : LMAO

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