How to turn a GarageBand project into an MP3

How to turn a GarageBand project into an MP3

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I’ve finished my Garage band project and I want to turn it into an mp3 file. 1. Next
to the metronome is this little loop button (looks like 2 arrows going in a circle.)
Click that and get little bar up here over my project. Normally this allows me to adjust
the length like this. But when I push play now it plays everything within the yellow
bar over and
over again. This is a useful tool for fine editing if you need to fix something. 2. Strength the yellow bar to cover entire
song exactly where I want the song to stop in the mp3 file. 3. Go to share and send song to iTunes. It
will give options for the name and the playlist and the artist. If you need to change it then
you can change it or adjust your quality. Medium is usually good. 4. Click Share. Now everything that was under
that yellow bar is going to turn into an mp3 file and should pop up in iTunes. Here it is. So there’s our song.

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