How to Use Garage Band : Editing Real Instruments in Garage Band

How to Use Garage Band : Editing Real Instruments in Garage Band

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Hey everybody, my name is Matt and I am speaking
to you on behalf of Expert Village. I am going to teach you a little more about editing real
instruments. You can edit them much in the same way you can the other instruments in
garage band. I’ve got enough guitar track that I just laid out here real quick and that is on top of my drum instrument,
drum track that we created earlier. On to edit real instruments, all you have to do
is click the track editor down here like we did before and bring up this dialog. We are
going to want to trim this up some. All you have to do is trim up your instrument, you
select and highlight. I am going to turn on snap to grid here. Now you can highlight parts
of your real audio and you can just drag them and then you can come up here and just delete.
Now I’ve got here nicely trimmed audio. You can also loop your real instruments like we
did with other instruments and now you can see that it looped very nicely. Over here on the left, you will see it says
enhanced tuning and enhanced timing. You can play around with these. They are not especially
useful when it comes to the real instruments but maybe you can have some luck with them.
You can also change the pitch by adjusting the region pitch slider. Maybe you will have
some luck with that too. Another thing you can do with real audio is if you hit the icon
over here, the little i icon to open up track info or you can add affects. I’m going to
click on guitar. There are a lot of guitar affects. Go ahead and loop this so that you
can hear the affect of the different things we can tune. All you have to do is click on
affect and play it. You can see there are a lot of cool affects you can add; especially
the guitar tracks. We can play around with that.

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  1. "expertvillage" ?…….seriously, these guys should call themselves "villageidiot". Stop, just stop making these horrible videos.

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