IRKO SpeakEasy Workshop @ HOFA-College – Trailer

IRKO SpeakEasy Workshop @ HOFA-College – Trailer

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Hi, my name is Irko I have been a audio-nut for about 20 years
now. This is a record that I`ve done with Timbaland the Jay Z record this 21 Savage record I´m mixing Redman or Fabolous This is how I got to work with Kanye West I somehow managed to convince my dad to allow me to open a little studio in his basement and so – that‘s what I did. Look: I went from this – – to this. So I get to New York for three weeks again and I basically come back home with this. I use the 1176 on basically all of my vocals, all of my rap vocals, that‘s for sure, like a 100 % of them. Attack really fast – the idea here is to
get rid of all the transients or all the “k” , “p” – those fast vocal things and there is no compressor
– unless we‘re talking about digital stuff of course – that does this better than the good 1176. We need to release the limiting or the compressing
as quick as possible so we have the most intelligibility that we
can get out of vocals. In terms of the ratio I go 12:1, that‘s
usually the way I do it. And the vocal‘s sound is like the guy is
right on your nose – no FX whatsoever, everything‘s super dry. And that‘s a typical thing for east-coast
90s, early 2000s hip hop stuff. And also another thing I suggest is not even
to look at the meters that much. I did this typical, like, you know in a band-like
scenario when you‘re recording the drums you also have a room mic – and a typical
thing to do is to slam that on a 1176 really heavy and then use that as a blend for the
whole room to get that roomy “Fu Schu” ­čśë – that kind of sound. And I did that on a hip hop thing – and
he‘s like „what the hell is that?“ And I was like: You know that, right? I will have a…. I guess a temporary mastering
plugin to enact what will happen in mastering … I start working on the chorus if that‘s
the loudest part of the song and I make sure I do all of my levels and
everything on that and then I go to the part before that‘s
ideally leading up to it. And I do that back, back to back so that I can establish the highest part of
the song to begin with. So I know, I‘m not going to go over that. By the time I‘m done with intro, verse and
chorus ideally the energy develop will be intro, verse and chorus, I have three steps up. I try to stay on top of whatever the trends
are – If you become old in your sound, you‘re
kind of loosing the hip. Act like there is no mastering. Period.

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  1. Hallo, kann man als HOFA Student alle "verpassten" Workshops als Aufzeichnung ansehen? Liebe gr├╝├če! ­čśŐ

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