My RC Vlog #6 Grossinger’s Abandoned Building And Warehouse Exploration With FPV Flying

My RC Vlog #6 Grossinger’s Abandoned Building And Warehouse Exploration With FPV Flying

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This is bad just oh man We gotta be real covert about this Alright guys here, it is says right here State Police warning posted no trespassing Looks like we’re not the first trespassers Damn this place is shot Oh, we don’t get arrested Saurus all right Trekkie What is up guys – flying tech here, and we are at an abandoned spot Somewhere in the Catskills, we’re gonna. Take up the DJI and a couple other things that we brought with us We got to do this kind of quick before the cops come a little worried because I don’t think we’re supposed to be here, but Sometimes this is the way you got to fly you got a gorilla fly. That’s the way it is Remember guys we’re gonna go inside now Let’s see everything is just all weathered and damaged We got to be real careful in here. Oh, man. I don’t think we could walk in here, dude This is bad. This is oh man. This is bad. Oh, this is probably the worst. I’ve ever seen Yeah, this is dangerous This is dangerous. Yeah, we can’t fly in here This place is beyond beaten weathered Look at that guys look at that floor As we are over here as you can see behind me, there is the stack can’t wait to fly that bad boy It’s gonna be awesome. We’re setting up the gear now and everything ready We’re gonna do some flying putting my battery in the Aurora 100 Getting it ready for flight. It’s gonna be awesome You might hear Matt already took off careful cuz you don’t want to go down in that smokestack That’d be the last thing you want to do is go down in that thing wow this place looks beautiful Incredible Wow, this is sick Check out that stack Alright guys we are gonna walk into this building here fly the x5c Holy cow it’s wide open in here There comes Matt yo I don’t know if we’re gonna be able to fly in here. It’s pretty dark This is huge y’all if we came in here at night with lights oh Yeah glow sticks on the girders that would be sick Crazy This is No wind Arena Up over here getting ready for the first flight test out the x5 C Then I’m gonna go hopefully we’ll be able to see what we’re doing in here It looks pretty dark, but you know what the TX o3 has surprised me before so poppin on them VOD two’s pro version Happy flying there we go do it As it was awesome Now that was totally successful Oh, I’m loving this place We are definitely going to be coming back here again in the future probably next time we come back here We’ll fly the Aurora inside the place which we didn’t do this time because I wasn’t sure Wanted to get a feeling of it you know with the cheap quad before I brought the good one in here And we’ll come back with glow sticks light everything up It’s gonna look sick stay tuned for that so we think that successful flight or what? Hell yeah man check out that little holding case for everything this tossing in my old batteries for NASA I don’t mix it with the good ones easy Charging at home. This is where he keeps his goggles as well as his x5c nice little case he’s got here Just like that Don’t forget use the x8c controller for longer reception That’s right guys use your x8c controllers with the x5c you will get three times the distance 300 plus meters come on No mod required of any kind all right guys. That’s it for us Hope you enjoyed if you did, please give this a thumbs up leave all comments below We love to answer comments and with that as always guys happy flying

4 thoughts on “My RC Vlog #6 Grossinger’s Abandoned Building And Warehouse Exploration With FPV Flying

  1. Looks like an awesome place to fly. I have been a search for abandoned buildings and parking garages around my area to fly in. I think the older V2 X5C FCB will not bind with the X8C controller. It has to be V3. See this link

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