Packaging – The UPS Store on 8th Street, Saskatoon

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Hello My name is Gray Myrfield. I’m here at The UPS Store on 8th street. Here we specialise in Shipping, Printing, Finishing, and an assortment of other services for your personal and business needs. Today I’m going to show you our packing service. If you’re in a hurray, if you don’t have all the materials, or if your worried about damage. Our packing service is for you In fact, I’m so confident in our packing service, I’m going to show you, right now. For this experiment we will be stress testing
three wine glass. Our first box will be the control, with no packing material. Our second box will be improperly
packaged with household items such as newspaper or clothing. The third package will be professionally passed to protect the wine glasses people’s weak points with bubble wrap, packing peanuts and assortment of other materials. Now obviously your packages wouldn’t be handled like this, but we like to test to extremes and now, time for the big reveal. The Ups Store, We’re more then you think.

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