Ronald McDonald Chicken Store Massacre

Ronald McDonald Chicken Store Massacre

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Hey What did I say? What the fuck did I say? Shut up you big boogie Your a boogie Yeah that’s what I said, your a boogie Your all fucken boogies, look at ya Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit The fuck was that? fucken Goodbye boogie La, la la, la, laa Huh? Where is he? Where’s the cluckity chicken? Where’s the cluckity chicken? You don’t know? Huh? Where the fuck is cluckity chicken? Haa, Ha, Hoa Look’s about done Clickity, clickity, clickity, clickity chicken Where’s the clickity chicken? Found ya Hey Sorry, we’re closed for technical reasons What I will get you to do is There’s a Mcdonalds just up the road to the left They’ve got happy meals and dinner boxes and Just go out

100 thoughts on “Ronald McDonald Chicken Store Massacre

  1. There was a real massacre at a McDonald's in 1984 and these assholes just make a comedy out of the whole situation. And not to mention how this contributes to making pantsies out of 99% of today's children in regards to clowns. No remorse.

  2. McDonald's Bubble Beef Burger

    Shunze Palace Creek Lake Mutton

  3. -youtube:
    Bah vamos a cerrar videos y canales innecesariamente
    Una masacre?que guay esto lo vera mi hijo y le gustara:)

  4. This is fake cause when they lady goes over the counter to get out he shoots her and the glass and you see no bullet in the glass

  5. Me: *goes to McDonald’s and hears a guy with a a high pitch voice screaming at the Burger King across the street
    Also me: dear god

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