26 thoughts on “Santa’s Workshop Organizes│Art House Politics

  1. Why did they stress so heavily that elf magic doesn't work after dark, but then it just inexplicably does at the end? Did I miss something?

  2. Maybe for a different North Pole workshop, the elves decide democratically how their workshop is run, and the title of Santa isn’t hereditary but a title that they can all vote who should be each year

  3. The arts good; but the vocal recording needs work, pop filters maybe? I'll have to chip in if it allows for better mics, but I have the same problem at my community radio station.

  4. Hah! What a clever idea. 😀 I once wrote a short story about a rebellion by the elves against Santa, although your version is much more practical than mine. Really adorable animation, too. How long did it take you?

  5. The poor and working-classes have never had a better standard of living in all of human history. Unless you know of any other time in history please let me know.

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