THE FULL AUTO BRECCI! (Black Ops 4 Rampage)

THE FULL AUTO BRECCI! (Black Ops 4 Rampage)

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If you’re seeing this video the day that’s uploaded this is the last day to get the gold youbung merch I’ll have a link in the description. If you wanna check it out with that being said take it away Vondy. It’s very, hahaha What’s up guys, this is M3RKMUS1C and welcome to fully automatic brecci ops 4 That’s right guys if he didn’t think the sg-12 was bad enough. They added a full-auto shotgun called the rampage now I know it’s been in black ops for for quite a while, but I couldn’t not cover the shotgun But I don’t regularly play black ops 4 so I couldn’t earn this for free. I think for the black market contra brand stream I was at like tier 11 I bought up to tier 50 so that way I could get the full-auto shotgun Not this ruined skin with the 3 ruined skins in a row. No, it’s not even skins. It’s war paints. Wow That is so sad now I know I went pretty hard on black ops core when they added supply drops and that’s because that’s a completely different thing when you Buy supply drops, you’re not necessarily guaranteed anything. It’s completely up to chance. You never know what you’re gonna get I don’t know if we’re serv crates and black ops for I have duplicates. I don’t know too much about the system I don’t personally care for supply drops in this game and I won’t be buying them I did however have for free reserve crates and dr. Enthusiastic open those up How does a chillin broken I already lost these your boy? Back with another fake ID fake energy video today, I’m gonna be opening some reserve crates black ass whore right dude in leather jacket Let’s see what we can get. Give me that brand-new breccie You only get one item in the pursuit outfit always wouldn’t be cop let’s go put another one what he gonna give me Even though that item is depressing lettuce Vicki enthusiasm or come on. I Think I can muster up some more fake energy for my final reaction. Give me the bread she come Well guys, dr. Enthusiastic I can’t do this anymore. My life is alive now that I’ve destroyed my vocal chords I’m gonna have to do the unthinkable. I just buy the tears cuz I want this disgusting brunch II Got the Richie look at it. I also got this money bag melee weapon, which should be pretty interesting Look at me flinging my sac around So I just went ahead and bought the tears so that way I could get this full out of shotgun I don’t buy supply drops in black ops 4. I don’t think it’s worth it If you guys buy them either when it comes to actually buying tears, you’re guaranteed all of the items There’s no gambling involved. You’re not really risking anything. Yeah I just wanted to mention that before I go to store some people with this Vlado brecci. That’s cool I’m gonna try some art chord Kill Confirmed the last time I played and record it I go it was so frustrating Come on and we got people not playing thank you. So oh My I just can’t reach em. Oh my god. This thing is disgusting. Okay. So the bread in our car is pretty good. Oh, Don’t see me I didn’t There’s some real skill on the other team right now Wow, holy smack me. Oh My goodness outplayed not like it’s that hard to help late someone with this gun, but that grapple was amazing. Oh My god actually hit him with the grapple. I kind of wish would have killed them They’d have put down a barricade and a torque trap here. And you know what? Had to kill a teammate, but it was worth it I’ve seen people get mad when I’ve reg quit it matches before in the past They’re like why do you know just planet you want to play this one through the one more? There’s 50 kill streaks in the air and you can’t do anything. Yeah, it’s fun. It just died 20 times in a row This really my brekkie, where’s my hands? Okay. There we go Where is everyone I’m out. I’m not Your pecker Tori Oh my god no one even plays or core control find matches faster on black ops 1 I was actually doing really well when I first played but then people just art of camping for killstreaks. Oh so many nerds I’m not playing this map. I hate this map lock up is trash art is what I’m just thinking about it Oh So we’re just got a triple what they got a triple with the full-auto shotgun. Please tag it as god. Oh my god oh, yeah here No, the whole enemy team wants to try to go up there in camp I don’t know why the rampage is actually barely breccie status in order for a shotgun to have breccie status that has to have ridiculous range and kill them two shots having a lot of extra ammo is helpful as well and realistically this thing’s more like an aa-12 than Anything but this is your boy DJ. Murky Merc, you know, I’m gonna just joke about it Anyway, I’m just gonna meme all over and call it oppress you anyway, try not to get too triggered Some people get really upset with me Ricky oh No, I No, stop taking us the hacker took everything. Oh my god kid. Why are you hacking? Are you trash? Oh we won Really got to steal our stuff. So but look how bad they were camping mister Just got a tripple with his full-auto breccie right here. I want this dude is Brushy. He’s got like extended mags a fancy camo He got a quad kill cam. Yeah, the rampage is pure cheese in hardcore It’s really good to play rune when using the shotgun because you can use the grapple get really close to people I pretty much exclusively played rune black ops for us first out because I was a tenant. Oh my lag what? wow winning Okay, I guess all of our PS forces collectively turn into toasters there. It’s just rush I Don’t even know God is he’s a you know, why are you all so stupid and horrible I can’t do this I don’t know play it. I’ll try hardcore control I don’t even know if there’s gonna be lobbies for it But I just wonder if there’s ever gonna be a day where coal Duty doesn’t need these obsessively like overpowered kill streaks It’s so bad that so many people just want to camp for these things and just have all the kill streaks do the work They don’t even make it attempts to play aggressively and just get kills the emblem that this person. May I black house for I am getting so like frustrated with this game right now between the Discussing players and their gross emblems and even filthier play styles such disgraces. Well, we got some hardcore control. We’re back on slums. Unfortunately. Oh, We got a hit listen What are you wearing what has happened to this game? I’m beginning to think that the only people that actually play and like this game are the people who have completely no life did and I’ve just earned a ton of stuff and that’s all I care about that or they just like to camp for killstreaks Hopefully some decent stuff can happen in this lobby though. We’re losing a or what in the corner Why is camping there? I forgot in control. You have limited lives Oh What am I even doing once I go left one ting doing it good, let’s get him dad. Where is he in the middle Or just camping somewhere. There we go even when you win It’s just so disappointing because the matches are just so enjoy Just can’t begin a corner and then he decides to go out and kill everyone and our team is camping just hide in the corner Waiting for his moment. I can’t wait to strike. I’m gonna pop I’m gonna pop off after can’t be the whole game. Oh, my lord Not getting my bump Such a frustrating lobby, of course, it’s an AJAX player who’s doing that Wow There. Yeah, he’s in the quarter again. Oh, I have no words for this game. Look at this even on our team It’s just as bad. I wanted to showcase the Faldo brecci and show you guys how powerful it can be But yeah, not so great what everyone’s just in a corner? Look at that and they’re making call-outs do for the other campers. I’m not I’m not even staying for the rest of this I don’t care. This is the whole reason why black ops 4 gets trashed on constantly It’s because it’s just not fun to play at least for the multiplayer now I know that some of these play cells are exaggerated a little bit more in hardcore because people die so fast it’s easier to get The kill streaks but some of these matches are just too slow paced incentivises camping way too much recon What happened to you? It is so unenjoyable to play a multiplayer call to the game where everyone just wants to hide in the corner There’s barely anyone actually moving around. Yo, ah dude. It’s like ghosts the map size. The play ratio is completely off just like cod ghosts There we go double headshot I’ll probably play the game then but yeah in general the maps and black ops 4 are too big for the player sizes black ops 4 for whatever reason is 5 feet 5 for the most part and most of these maps would be decent for ground war in older Call of Duty games it’s unacceptable. I’m actually 17 to 1 right now. Yeah, I wish called you 2 games in general We’ll just have more small to medium sized maps. So large sized maps are just so boring It’s really what I dislike the most about called, dude he goes if you put a 66 TDM on a map like Stonehaven you would be spending a majority of the match just running around trying to look for people It’s just a complete opposite of what you’d expect from call of duty in the good old days of cold duty It was always fast paced action in a nutshell you pretty much run around for a couple seconds You find someone and you either kill them or you die, rinse and repeat Not camping in the corner because the Maps dude, you can’t find anyone. That’s what’s happening right now That’s what happens to pretty much every single match for black ops 4 Look at that. No one would do that in the older. Col Duty games put your memories water This is what all those players need to do. Yes, just exit the franchise No, boy, we’re heading down now. We can’t find anything. Well boy. I’m so discombobulated. I don’t know what I’m gonna do Am I just crumpled over here Oh Always can’t begin a corner. Okay, he’s not in the corner candy, but you know, he’s just waiting around he’s camping He’s listening for footsteps Oh Cut the door. Why did I try to spray-paint it? Okay, they got the loot read your beauty razor barricade, I don’t know I’m talking about you one though I went 22 days. I was one of the best of the team but at what cost what is this gum? What is this camo? It said that vkm. Oh my What is this play the game? This is still broken. This is the 2019 cold to the experience We get and people wonder why cold 2d players just trash on black ops 4 and go to other games I want to play contraband fuckin hurricane weather Remix garbage I’ll put extended mags on though. There we go. Oh you reload fast or – that’s good Ooh, I bet max load helps with the damage max load. It’s Troy hardcore Dom. I don’t know at this point I’m just praying for new towns and get a new counter firing range What why would they make a sandstorm version of this map this is so ugly. What are they doing good? What about this who want to play this? I think I know probably the campers Let’s see. What kind of players we get on this map. When will I die? Oh, there it is LMG camper Kevin the second story. We got a guy putting down mesh mines over here Can I even fake this out like You can’t even touch it I Was like peeking in back and forth trying not to blow it up But you can’t host surviving that I’m just have to go through again and try to get him Enjoy your free cheap kill get on my way I’m getting him Told you oh, there’s another one It’s brecci time. I’m gonna hit it brought your quad feet. I’m feeling it I have to hit on this poo map. If you hit a clip on this map isn’t even usable just look how ugly it’s gonna look because of the weather like, um, yeah, you hit any uh, Simon on screen don’t because you played on ortho fan forum and it looks ugly. You can’t use it No, this is actually not so bad It completely dragable this map because it looks so ugly I think the low visibility actually helps me move around with a shotgun and get more kills. Oh my goodness Gotcha. Kami what kind of gun? Does this guy have? Oh look a thermo LMG big surprise you Lily Swap to the thermal I Can see exactly where you’re coming from. It’s such cheese. What do you expect when you make a map like this? Oh, My where chiquan Oh Where’d they spawn almost have been so focused going for that I think I understand why this game doesn’t have ninety nine now I think a black ops for wanted to have ninety nine or something bigger They’d have to get rid of specialists cuz I can’t imagine like a twelve v12 in black ops war with everyone having specialists Oh, hey your boy got play. Oh my god. I thought a team kills and I got the double kill place I’m actually I’m having a good game on one of the ugliest Maps I’ve ever seen I feel like there’s so much I would just change about this game. It’s not a completely hopeless cold duty game It’s just it’s the multiplayer is so frustrating and I think it’s that way because it’s just mismanaged Here’s a guy on their team that does not know how to actually move and shoot Can we get ricochet for hardcore, please I just feel like the multiplayer for black ops 4 could be so much better And if you ask the question, why isn’t it better you get a pretty simple answer? It just seems like Trevor doesn’t really care enough to want to change things up in a major way for the most part this game’s Multiplayer is just staying how it is because everyone just loves the multiplayer so much in it everyone rants and raves about it This is the thing to play right guys. There’s just so many people playing black ops for multi players So many people are saying good things about it You can’t possibly change it if it’s just that good if we’re gonna keep black ops for exactly how it is. Okay I’m going insane playing I mean the games people to bring out the same amount of rage that I used to get playing all their Call of Duty games the Experience isn’t as good but it still makes me rage as much so that’s something I guess More please note the LMG camper just sitting in the back of the store mode doesn’t know how to push the left stick forward I guess he missed that part of the tutorial But that’s gonna do it for this video, thank you guys very much for watching I hope you guys somehow managed to enjoy this full auto brushy black ops 4 video again If you’re watching this video when it’s first out This is the last day to buy the limited edition gold you bung merch I’ll have a link in the description and you can click stuff up here. You’ll be able to find it So yeah, I definitely go check it out before it’s completely gone. And again, thank you guys very much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this blackout 4 video if you guys did it and you want to seem to use the full auto brought You some more make sure to drop a like I’ll see you guys later

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  5. A lot of times in core/hardcore, for me at least the games never reach 100 kills. Most the time the games end cause time runs out, rarely for me the games reach 100 kills.

  6. This is the third time im watching gameplay of this game, spotted the buy tiers bs and thought"so this is fortnite for adults without building mid-fight…what an embarrassment to the black ops series"

  7. Nah that’s just Ps4 players, the camping is way less on Xbox in my opinion. I never get in matches as shitty as you do

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