Torque Drift Beginners Guide Ep 02 ll Unlocking Garage, Parts Store, Car List & Sponsors

Torque Drift Beginners Guide Ep 02 ll Unlocking Garage, Parts Store, Car List & Sponsors

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Today we’re going to have a look at grassroots drifting when starting the game at level one unlocking the garage showcase of the car list both regular cars and the official cars of formula drift and other drift competition cars and Last but not least some information about the sponsor layout. Hi everyone, this is Rikishi and welcome back to my channel for another video Today’s video features episode 2 of the new Torque Drift guide I’m publishing to help everyone Whether you’re an amateur or pro, so here when we go to events or practice to play against someone or even run a couple laps You’ll see most of the tracks are level locked except The Slab & Ebisu Drift School. So in order to level up and unlock them right off the bat you’re going to have to run some freestyle When doing freestyle it’s important to don’t lose your score by straightening out for too long or even hitting the wall, to lose your score So when doing freestyle You’re going to generally aim for the yellow clipping points to get a higher multiplier to achieve a better score If you can achieve both of those steps, you’ll be sure to come first at the end of the alotted time so remember Don’t lose your score by straightening out or hitting the Wall and aim for the yellow clipping point We’re gonna skip to the end of the race here And once you can win the first freestyle battle, you’ll be able to level up to level 2 and this is where You’ll be making some progress in the game on unlocking some good stuff as I’ll show you just a minute Here we have four car categories number one is the street section number two is legend Number three would be Special and then number four would be Pro cars which are the D1GP and Formula Drift cars So here in the street section we have the Ford Focus, the S14 the E30, the S15, the E46 we also have The twin cars which is the GT86 and the BRZ. We have a chaser, the JZX100 We have the Z06 We also have the crows machine, the Mustang. We got the 370z, a Viper Last but not least the MX-5 Coming down to the next category we got legend So here we still have the special on Darren’s Kelly’s R35 and if you do pick up the special you’ll be able to get the the legend version of the next car I’m about to show you This legendary category features some of the iconic cars in the drifting arena the R35, the 180SX The regular ae86 and the full on initial D AE86 With the open headlights, the license plate and the Japanese writing on the right-hand side door We also have the Supra Next is a special category and here we’re going to Ryan Tuerck’s ferrari swapped GT 4586 I was going to put the other category in here But I’m going to leave that for for a next episode as there is an important Factor of the game that I want to show you there So here’s big factor about Torque Drift that helps every single player in the game Whether your daily player or a couple of times a week player Sponsors shown in this layout are all real life sponsors when you get to unlock them each Sponsor has some form of in-game embedded link system That when you click on a sponsored social media link as I’ll show you here in just one second It will take you directly to the sponsors website or Instagram, etc I’m going to unlock the first sponsor here off camera, and then I’ll be right back So why are sponsors so important each sponsor has its own unique reward for instance Like this greasemonkey game sponsor when you complete the task to unlock the sponsor You would get cash and decals that you could put on your car in the paint shop. In older updates when Unlocking certain sponsors you would get bullion as a task reward, but I’m not sure that is still the case So don’t quote me on that So we can see here from the sponsor that you can collect four billion every four hours After four hours sponsors rewards should be available The rewards aren’t automatically sent to your garage So you’d have to come into the game and collect your rewards So just a recap guys in order to level up to level two to unlock the garage to buy other cars pro cars or upgrade your car in the store you’ll have to run one freestyle and win it. Next when running freestyles, be sure to don’t lose your combo/multiplier from straightening out or hitting the wall or that maybe the opportunity of losing the race Thanks for watching everyone don’t forget to comment and let me know your thoughts Be sure to LIKE and subscribe if you haven’t already If you have any further questions, just hit me up on my social media links Are in the description. Peace

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  1. "ENGLISH" subtitles are available.

    Please note, that level 2 unlocks the garage to buy cars, upgrade your car in store or even paint yourr car ; level 8 unlocks the sponsor sheet.

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