Tour of a GIANT Japanese Thrift Store 😍 Vlogmas Day 16

Tour of a GIANT Japanese Thrift Store 😍 Vlogmas Day 16

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Morning guys. I just came back from a morning sprint to get a Pokemon. There was only five minutes left it was a kilometer away so I ran there, and I got it and then I ran back It was another Slakoth and I used a Pinap berry so I got six candies, yes We’re heading to the recycle store now. So gonna take you guys on a tour. It’s my absolute Favorite store- they have clothing, they have plushies they have Figures…what else do they have- they have like a snack section like a traditional Japanese snack section Keyboard-san likes the One Piece section, so he usually looks through that and comes home with another figure for his desk There’s a jewelry and a watch section. There’s tons of stuff. Anyways, so I’m gonna take you guys for the grand tour We’re going there now Say bye bye to my, my wardrobe- big chunk of it We’re at the recycle store now I’m in the girls section. The girls section is a lot smaller than the guy section unfortunately, but it’s still quite large Lots of clothes and shoes and purses Those are interesting Sometimes you can find brand-new things here with the tags still on, especially after lucky bag season Because if people don’t like what they got, they just take it to the recycle store Without even wearing it once This one is (Japanese) “sen ni hyaku”, so about twelve dollars And then stuff that isn’t a well-known brand will be a lot cheaper They often sort things by the brand so it’s really easy to find stuff This winter jacket by Lip Service is only two thousand Eight hundred yen. Less than $30 Recently they’ve started selling Big Bang’s stuff too lots of the merch from concerts and stuff around like kujis Nicole would like this $10, that’s a good price Hello There’s some posters Here’s the Johnny’s section- the Japanese boy idols Mostly just photo cards, oh looks like they have some concert merch here though Light sticks, oh, that’s so cute. Oh, she has the cutest light stick Some female idols as well- not very many though- the female idol section’s really small Whoa, they’re mystery boxes with Idol goods. This is Kanjani8. This is like a mixture of K-pop ones They’d be fun to like unbox Should I get this and unbox it with Nicole The One Piece section I was talking about Keyboard-san’s favourite. We’ve been looking for a certain two figures for a while, and we can’t find them. They must be super rare We’ve got four out of the six of the collection but they’re nowhere to be found But recycle stores are a really great place to get figures cuz you can get them for really good prices and the selection here is insane There’s so many Look at all these figures And this is all just One Piece there’s some Dragonball Giant Dragonball plushie He tries to buy Doflamingo every time I come here how much? Christmas Chopper Tons of really pretty dolls too – I’m always looking at these when I come in here these range in price from about $70 to about $170 The anime merch is the craziest.
There must be at least Like ten thousand figures in this store alone Again, really cheap – these are all $10 each Recycle stores are a great place to come for souvenirs – you have friends who like anime Many of these have never been opened- they’re sealed in the box Some wall scrolls Sonico my favorite section So it’s really cute teacups for two dollars, and if you find three items with this sticker on it you can get them for five dollars Such a good price. Chibi Sonico Really cute, all five in the set for $30. They always have some Sailor Moon stuff, but not much lots of gachas Sakura Hatsune Miku Nendoroid for $18, feel that that’s a really good price – in the box, brand-new This is a huge Sonico, how tall is it – it’s one-fifth scale This is my hand for reference. It’s really big it’s also a hundred dollars This is the Gundam section – the kits where you make them yourself So many, and again, really really cheap, way cheaper than if you bought them new Even though lots of them still are brand new, and they haven’t been used about $30. This giant one is $80. These are all about $20 Keyboard-san wants a Gundam now How much My favorite part of the recycle stores are the little Lucky boxes that they do – you have no idea, well You can kind of get an idea cuz you can see a little bit But you can’t see everything, so you don’t really know what you’re gonna get and they’re quite cheap. Sometimes You can find some really cool stuff in there And they usually have a theme, so you can look through them and try and find one you like Sometimes I get the Pokemon ones and get lots of those little sofubi figures that I paint found lots of lucky boxes K-On (Reads the Japanese) Pretty girls Sonico and K-On Five dollars Oh, it’s like a 3D, 3D picture If you look hard you can find stuff from video games too, but it’s mostly from anime I’m always looking for Final Fantasy stuff. There’s really not much- you’d expect there’ll be anymore Cuz it’s Japan, but They’re kinda hard to find. There’s a UFO catcher for a (Nintendo) Switch, what. That must be so hard It’s 200 yen per play How many plays will it take to knock it down? This is the traditional Japanese snack section. It’s a mix of stuff That’s been around forever and some newer snacks.
One of my faves sweet potato jelly, it’s So good There’s actually something I wanted to get from here to show you guys I got one before and then I forgot to show it in a video, so I’m going to see If they have it still Didn’t have the one I was looking for but I got a couple things to show you guys And I’m gonna look at my house because I think I still have it somewhere So I’m gonna stop by here and grab some food for Keyboard-san, he’s hungry Luna Maro Hey Hi So we printed out my visa application form for Korea, and it’s a freaking novel Twenty pages long Now that I have this cute little teapot, it’s so easy to make loose leaf tea, so I’m gonna try out It’s not a snack. I’m sorry. It’s a tea. I’m sorry. Do you want a snack? Do you want a snack Maro? Want a snack? Is it snack time? Okay, we’ll get back to the tea in a sec. What snack do you want. Luna, pick a snack? What do you want? What do you want? Come here What do you want? Want a tube? Where are the tubes? Don’t have any tubes. There’s none left. Sorry – oh there they are, it’s your lucky day, what flavor is it? Lobster, fancy Are you gonna share? It’s like Lady in the Tramp with the tube Is it good? You like that one. Maro, get in there, you’re not gonna get any Ah it’s on my leg. Maro, get it, my leg There ya go Because this is orange flavor, I think it’ll taste so good with vanilla soy milk Let’s let that steep for four minutes Mmm. Not really sweet, but just enough I really like that.
Okay, I’m gonna go write my book of visa application papers I’ll be back in a couple hours to show you guys what I got at the recycle store, those little um Japanese snacks that I got Two hours later. I just got a package from Australia. I’ve been waiting for this Yes Oh my god! So this is cotton candy Boys Tears flavor Ginger Bread Peppermint and Snowball You guys There was a little iron-on patch and some stickers inside So this is from @fluffegram on Instagram, go check them out. They have the nicest looking cotton candy. Okay. Let’s taste it. Let’s taste it right now What flavor should we go with? I kinda want to try Boys Tears because I’ve no idea what that’ll taste like. I’ve never had Fancy cotton candy before, I’ve only had like the cheap stuff From the fair. Oh my god. It smells so good Oh my god, it’s amazing At first it’s really sweet and Then it’s slightly salty Which is new for me for cotton candy, but I love it Luna wants some Sorry Luna It’s not for cats This package is a dream come true. This would make the best birthday present for someone. Who doesn’t like cotton candy? Okay I wanna show you guys what I got at the store. These are two of my favorite, uh Snacks in Japan, so if you come here, I recommend that you try these Here’s a number one. This is called Hitokuchi Yaki-imo Yokan “Hitokuchi” means like “one bite”. “Yaki-imo” means like Mmm grilled Potatoes – is it grilled? Like those steaming sweet potatoes that they sell here in Japan and “Yokan” is what this is. Let me show you, it’s kind of like a jelly, but there’s no gelatine in it. It’s made using Kanten So this is what it looks like, you pop it out of the tube It’s this like Solid jello-ish thing and it smells so sweet Mmm. It smells like caramelized sweet potatoes Mmm. Have it, it’s so good And this is 20 cents, you can get these for about 20 cents 20 yen. Oh I lied, 30 yen, 30 yen But I feel like getting it out a recycle store is probably not the best place, you go to a grocery store They’re probably like 20 yen And then one of my other favorite snacks are these, these are called “Don Don Yaki”, and they’re sauce flavored. Unless you’ve been to Japan Probably don’t know what that means, but it’s like okonomiyaki sauce That kind of sauce Looks like that inside They are these little deep fried snacks that are covered in sauce flavored powder And they’re kind of, they have like a slight vinegar taste to them, I think that’s what I really like about them It’s kind of like, if I had to compare it to something American, it would be like salt and vinegar chips mixed with maybe barbecue chips And that’s the best I can do. They’re so addictive, they’re so good and again super cheap 20 yen – 20 cents for this pack of them When you come to Japan Try those two snacks. If you’ve tried them before, let me know what you think of them. Alright guys I’m gonna say bye here today. I’m gonna go cook some pasta for us for dinner. I’m gonna get up pretty early tomorrow Cuz I’m gonna meet Norm in Tokyo, we’re gonna be doing something fun. So look forward to tomorrow’s Vlogmas, well I’m excited about it, anyways. I think you guys will enjoy it too. Okay. I’ll see you tomorrow. Thanks for watching and I’m announcing the winner of the Case giveaway tomorrow as well So if you didn’t enter that giveaway yet, go check out yesterday’s Vlogmas vlog and go enter and I will choose a winner tomorrow, kay bye guys!

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