36 thoughts on “Undercover Yard Sale 3-23-2019 SEASON 4 PREMIERE

  1. Cole Haan leather conditioner will bring your leather satchel back to life. I use it on all my nice leather handbags.

  2. dude no offence, it's fine to want to make some money flipping items, but don't look at ebay at the same time while you're at the yard sales holding the item, it makes you look like an enormous douche it also makes the sellers suspicious of you and makes themself go on ebay before selling it to you or simply just removing it from the table, know the stuff and what it's worth before hand, people did fine before smart phones.

  3. 25:25 Couple minecraft copies and a bunch of 360 controllers. Did they have then marked really high or something?

  4. Man, the camera glasses makes for some shaky, nausea-inducing video. Also, I sure wish I could find some good yard sales like those around here!

  5. Welcome Back!!.Been a long winter .So did the 'ol Trailblazer finally come to the end if the trail. Congratulations on the new ride.Happy Hunting.

  6. Nice Micro Machines. I like those bigger scale Star Trek and Star Wars ones to. How much were those going for?.

  7. Aahhhh,YES! You guys are back to yard sailing. Awesome later?. I like yard sale thrift store videos because. I look in the background and I see cool stuff and then I look at look for them at our yard sales and thrift stores. Helps me find some nice treasures later.

  8. Next time you go out hunting, find something cheep like a quarter hand them 100$ bill, see how much you get for free ?

  9. wow you's all have some awesome yard sale's where you live, i would have spent my whole pay check ,lol. nice video. thanks so much for sharing.

  10. Love your videos keep up the great work I sub to you about two years ago I love watching your videos

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