Walkthrough The Inspiring Workshop of Akrivia

Walkthrough The Inspiring Workshop of Akrivia

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Hello, welcome to The Watches TV. Today we have one of those great walkthrough
videos that we enjoy so much doing, but this time, it’s going to be a little bit special
because not only is it a walkthrough, but we’re actually going to walk to this walkthrough. Let’s go. Come on. Well, hello! Hello. How are you? Fine. You? Good. There we go. You’ve been doing this for a few years, but
you’re still quite young in the industry. Do you already feel that there’s evolution
in the way you tackle a new project or is it always a brand new sheet of paper? For sure it’s a constant evolution. In 2012, I was thinking in some way when I
start and today for sure it’s totally different. I think we have more and more experience. We’re doing less mistakes. We learn and hope we will be better and better
every year. Today we’re doing our conception starting
with drawing. After that, we will do every conceptualization
in SolidWorks. You use SolidWorks? Yes. The project sometimes can take three years
between the drawing and after that the prototyping. We’re not happy, we want to redo. But sometimes it can be very fast. I want to say with the technology we have
today, we can be faster if we compare some years ago. We don’t have the same credit if we compare
with some old watchmaker and today. I think we can do a better job today. Since I started or maybe from when I was 15,
I started buying some machines. Years after years, months after months, and
we’re trying to have more and more machines to be able to produce the totality of the
components. Today we don’t do every component here. We are doing the cutting outside. After that, we receive every component. We control the component, we create a kit
and with this kit, we start to do our watch, our movement. What it’s important for me today is to start
from A to Z. If I start my watch, if I start my movement,
I will do every step until the end. For me, it was crazy to realize when you are
a watchmaker, you can be able to create, to start from a block of metal and to have an
instrument that gives you the right time. When you realize that, you just want to do. After that years after years, we work in that
way to be able to do that. I think for sure it’s personal, but I really
want to give the chance to everybody to be able to do this. I control every watch so we really want to
have the same quality, to have a constant quality. We have some Henri Hauser. It’s “une pointeuse”. We call it “pointeuse”. This machine was to control and they have
a small motor. An engine, yeah. Yes exactly. You can do base plates, you can do bridges,
you can do some components. It’s crazy they are sixty years old but you
can have a crazy accuracy. We bought some and we’re starting now to do
some component with that. Today, here we are not professional, we don’t
work with this machines like many, many years. We know a little but we will explore more
and more these next years. This is the funny part, I think at the end. It’s still just to have something to be a
little more independent in the way that you can have an idea, you will doing the conception
after that you can fabricate your component. I think you can be faster. You can try something, you can see something
if you like it or not. You can be happy. If you are not happy, you can restart. For sure, when you’re doing things outside,
it’s good because they are professionals, so they can give you a perfect thing. The problem is between, for example, the first
series and the second series. If you have a component you are not happy
at the end and you want to redraw- Yes, you might lose six months in the process. -and more, at the end, what you want to do? Today, I’m happy because you can start to
be really free. You have more and more freedom. This is why we started now doing more and
more things. Especially, you’re not doing huge quantities
either, so it’s always complicated for these suppliers to fit you in. Exactly, because then when you’re doing 35
watches a year, it doesn’t really make sense in some way. Now, maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know, but this
is the way I want to do. I’m just happy to be able to do that. We have some other Schaublin so we can do
different tools. We can do some axis, we can do different things. We have some called “perceuse, perleuse”,
machine for the “Côtes de Genève”. This is a “fraiseuse”, it’s a milling
machine? Milling machine, yes. We have more and more things to be able to
do a good job. Today we’re still trying to have an organization. One will do more AK06, RR-01, tourbillons,
different tourbillons, but I think it’s still good to be concentrated during maybe six months
in one product. It’s important, you can be better. You’re doing the first time, you understand
more, so you can go more and more deep. Today, every watchmaker, they still know different
products, so they can switch at the end. I really want to have people happy to be able
to do a watch, to put every good energy in the watch. The people who bought this watch are passionate,
they expect something, they expect quality. We really want to have people passionate about
it, able to put his heart and maybe sometime if you need to take more and more time just
to finish the watch in perfect way, you will take it. For that, you need to be passionate. Today, when we’re starting our watch, we’re
doing every step. We do the decoration, the assembling, we’re
doing everything until to put in the hands, to put in the cyclo. It’s really important for me to give this
possibility. Some people might think that traditional watchmaking,
you would associate that with a gray hair approach, but you guys are all young and fresh. Are people sometimes surprised with this? It’s really a strange question because I hear
a lot of time about this. The only thing I can say, I’m just passionate. I never really thought too much about it. It may be different for sure, but we are happy
today with this team, with this young team. It’s not because we’re trying to have young. At the end, Mr. Hagmann is the most older,
so it’s really different. No, it was different meetings. You meet people sometimes, you feel something
and we start working that way. I realize more and more every day how important
is the experience. At 25 when I started, you think you can do
everything. You want to go fast in every way, but I realize
now every day it’s hard to be able to have quality, to be able to be on the top. We know every day it will be another day and
we can learn something. We know we can evolve more and more in the
future. For me, still it’s maybe selfish, but I
just want to come at my atelier to be happy, to enjoy what I do. With this size, we can be able still to meet
people, to enjoy our bench. At the end, if we get bigger I think I will
do more management. This is not the thing that I know to do. I really want to concentrate to do what I
know to do. Hope I’m clear. I don’t want to grow I am happy with this
size. I can see every step. I can really do every step. I can follow everything. I can be here close to my product. This is the most important. That’s good. A word of wisdom there, I believe. You’ve gone a little bit further now. You’ve integrated other competencies, but
in a fantastic way. I think we’re going to discover that right
now. With pleasure, we can go? Let’s go. Still in the old town, but you have a new
facility here with the new activity. Right? Yes. We want to have something close to the atelier. For sure we’re starting now to do our case. It was really an important step. I realized with the evolution, we spoke about
it. I realized how important is the case today. It’s the first thing you touch. It’s the first thing you see. I realized I really need to have like a laboratory
to have and to be able to create this case to try until to be happy. We met with Mr. Hagmann. Kind of a legend. It’s a crazy for me. I’m a really a big fan. Since I was in Patek Philippe, I heard about
him and and for me it was really important one day to be able to make a case with him. Finally he joined us. I’m very happy. I can imagine, yes. To see that–
Well everyone was out for lunch! We’re in this new workshop, but doing something
really traditional. Exactly. Still, in the same way that with the component,
we want to do something in conventional machines. Still it’s very personal. With this number of watches a year, we don’t
really need to have big machine. Today the goal is really to be able to do
everything here about the case. Like I explained before, I realized how important
it is to have a case where you’re really happy. You can try it one and second time and you
can be happy or not. If you are not happy, you come back here and
you will start to do it. You don’t need to wait six months or more. This is the working environment of, like we
said, one of those legends, people of the of the industry, Mr. Jean-Pierre Hagmann. He’s not here currently, but will come back
in a second episode, I guess. We’ll go a bit more into details of the actual
process of producing cases. Going back more on the philosophy of yourself
and being able to have basically integrated practically every single step of making a
timepiece. When you feel the case that has been made
here, what kind of emotion does it trigger? Still, between when I started really thinking
about this project and to start with Mr. Hagmann to buy machines, everything, you can still
believe. At the end, when I saw the first case, I don’t
really realize– I was not able to realize how important it is. Now with the second case, I go more deep because
I try it, and Mr. Hagmann now transmitted his knowledge. I really realized how it’s a pleasure to do
that. Yes, today I’m really proud to know this case
or every future case will be done here. Between your vision, like when you were 25,
and today, and the vision you would have maybe in 10 years, where do you think you want to
go? The only thing I know, I really want to be
a small company. I really want to create my watch, to be able
to manage the steps, so to start from a block and finish until the product or final product
able to give you the right time. This for me, I think in the future, I will
try to go more and more in deep in that way but I don’t want to change anything. Just be able to produce something and just
to be free. This is the most important. Well, thank you, Rexhep, for this overview. Thank your neighbour. It’s a pleasure.

50 thoughts on “Walkthrough The Inspiring Workshop of Akrivia

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