Was soll ich studieren? – Workshop zur Studienwahl


Which is the right degree program for me? For many students the big question is choosing the right degree program. You have your High-School Diploma in your pocket and must decide which turn your life should take. This creates a lot of pressure. We, at Leuphana Student Counselling want to ease that pressure by offering volountary workshops. There, we can work together for a whole day and help you find the right degree course. Our aim is to take some pressure and fear off you, so that you can enjoy the start of your degree program. I’m still undecided, which degree course I should choose. I hope that this workshop can help me making my descision and selecting a suitable degree course. I hope this workshop can support me by selecting the right course of studies. I graduated from high school two years ago and tried out different things. I informed myself about degree programs via various online advisors and testing tools. But nothing brought me the answer, so I thought it would be a nice idea to work with a group within an interactive framework with some professional instructions and to get some useful results this way. What I like about Leuphana is the possibility to combine major and minor courses. It gives you the opportunity to put your own individual degree course together. The benefit is you aren’t forced to attend the typical run-of-the-mill courses. At Leuphana, you don’t have to commit yourself strictly to business studies for example. You can say: I’m also interested in environmental studies, so I’ll do a minor in Environmental Studies and in your complementary course you’re free to decide for whatever else strikes your interest. You have the possibility to connect three interests within one degree program. This is what makes Leuphana University unique.

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