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Hello guys and welcome to the new video on this channel! As you can see, it’s really cold outside so I immediately went to the workshop and today we are doing Workshoup tour, I will show you all my tools, my workshop so enjoy in this video! Expect every year in January a new Workshop tour video as it was last year. This year I’ve got plenty of stuff from Unior, Einhell and others, we have so many new stuff to show so let’s get started. Just before we begin, I apologize if my camera will shake, my hands are shaky so.. And also, plenty of big tools I have are not here in workshop, and one of the biggest that still isn’t here, and I bought it recently is a lathe machine, yes, I finally bought lathe machine, but I’m waiting when my new workshop is finished because I would first got to put him here and then in new because I really don’t have place here to put it. Anyway, let’s get going. We will start from left side. This are rims I used for tank, tank is in dissasemble phase, I will start new and more interesting project, anyway tank was driveable and that’s it. And here we have a broom, what’s a workshop without broom, we have a spatula, a tilt hammer, flag from my school days, it’s sitting here for like 2-3 years, trash can, here is some iron that was surplus for tank construction, this is a stand for punching bag I worked on a while ago, I removed the bag and left this for some kind of depository for materials. Also to mention, I didn’t even touch the upper shelf this year, and I have a custom to clean and sort everything once a year. It has literally a lot of stuff here it’s all just piled up, workshop really started to be small, but no worries, we will soon start working on bigger workshop, I gathered all needed paperwork. anyway let’s get back, as I said, there’s a lot of trash here, here is a IMT steering wheel that I restored, here are kits, bicycle chains, diluents, masks, bearings, lead, ammunition for that nail gun, here it’s some unior tools because I don’t have enough place there, here are pliers for pop threads, star wrenchs, set of sockets, moment key which I used for car tyres, here’s metal box that I restored, some bearings again, and here are some stuff from sponsors. Now let’s get to the lower level of shelf. Here are pulleys from tank, here are some wild pulleys that I pulled out from scooter, etc, libra, Dot4 brake oil, motor oil, Practic oil for compressor, I changed it recently, you need to do that change once a year if you use compressor a lot, here is Sonax paste for vehicle polishing, axle grease, and here is a place where all my screws are. I tried to sort all of the screws and pretty much succeded at it, at the top are drilled ones, chips, lower are from M6 to M16 sizes, one row are washers, next screws and last mainstreams. Here I have a really tiny mainstreams, screws and all that stuff that are tiny. Here I have chipboard screws, this ones are from Lidl, I like it because they come in this basket case, and I’m really satisfied with the quality. Now we have here some tubings, also from Lidl, they have pretty good materials and tools, I’m really satisfied. Just to focus a lil’ bit. Here we have more of screws, tube erasers, clamps set, so you can really try Lidl tools, they are really cheap and have great quality. Now, here we have some chemicals, sprays, polyurethane foam, horizol, ivasol, water glass, I use sprays a lot as you can see in all my videos because it’s really awkward to work with real color, but sprays are for fast use and the paint is really holding on. One lifehack, if you have this kind of digs, from beer or something, place it like this and you have great storage for sprays. Also here I have this blue protective gloves, I’m really satisfied with them. Here are some pastes, brushes, oil, etc. Here we have compressor hose, weight for libra, that’s my dads, here is spatula and bowl, sprocket that I made for motorcycle, some chains for chainsaw, car lift, lubricator, motor guides for chainsaw, this are broken centrifugal clutches that I disassembled, I can make one good from this broken ones so I usually keep all the parts, that’s why my workshop is piled up. Here are some parts from this big boy right there, small broom, this is engine from Mio Standard GX200, Honda licence as I heard, I didn’t use it anywhere, but it’s very good. Here are some seals for that engine, here are two hydraulic cranes, dimer for cleaning grease. Here is one old Einhell device that I got as a gift from my godfather, hello to him, here are electrodes. Here I have two table grinders, I don’t use them very often, here is an eccentric grinder, for all this tools I have here I made a review video so I will leave links in description so I won’t go into details of each one. This, well, I don’t workout in my workshop and I don’t use this in workshop too, I bought this canvas so I can easly go under car, tractor, so I don’t lie down on ground. Here we have circular saw, very good quality, I’m really satsified with it. Behind it we have Einhell polisher. This is old flexer that I didn’t use a lot, approximetly 2-3 years. I use Aku tools more often that this one. Here is one spotlight on electricity, I don’t use it very often too because I have them there. One more Einhell circular saw which is powered by battery. It’s really good for cutting wood, great quality. One more Makita eccentric grinder, Verts jigsaw and here are a lot of extensions. I apologize because bad light, I would open the door but it’s too cold and I ordered a stove here. Here we have some screws that I didn’t sort, I used them in video and then dissasembled, half of this screws are from tank. Here are more of them, here we have two nitro thinners, here’s lip from my gold that I removed, this blue cart, I have to say, it’s must have things, I can transport heavy object very easily. Her is a car jack and 4 stationary holders. Military canister for fuel, plenty of canisters behind, Here are some exhausts that I worked on, here is one big box where I have material that I bought. Here are two engines, this one has around 208cc. You always ask me where I buy engines. You can find this two engines in Robert shop in Virovitica. You can find grass-cutting tractors, trimmers, he has everything. Back at it, this engine has around 6,7KS and 208cc and this one has 9,5KS and 277cc. Here I have one more locker for sorting screws. Here we have tool for bending sheet metal, I made it myself. Here is an ash strip, it’s really strong. Here is Thor’s axe that I made. And here we can find welding machine Telwin Telmig 200/2. I’m satisfied with this machine, being that I learn how to weld pretty fast. Only thing I had to buy for it was this nanometer. It also doesn’t come with gas bootle, you need to buy it yourself. Here is one of my projects. It’s a drill with trimmer engine of 50 kW, it’s really crazy project, you can literally drill anything you want with it. Here I have Einhell vacuum cleaner. It’s huge, you can connect it here with a tool you use and use that tool and clean at the same time. It can blow too, you can use it for leaves in your backyard. Here’s Rempower compressor, 50 liters, I’m happy with it, it could be bigger, but at the time I bought him it was more than enough. Now after all this time, it has come. The pillar drill! I’ve finally bought it, it’s Einhell TBD750e, it’s really good, just what I need, it comes with mk2 reception and this big chuck. It’s a marveolus product. It doesn’t stutter in the wood, metal, it’s great. Only thing I didn’t make for it is a stand, this stand is for tv or something, here is a little case where I keep extensions for pillar drill. It’s little bit of professional like tools. That’s it regarding the pillar drill. Here is Captain’s folding shield. Here we have double exhaust, here is a fast clamp, I’m not sure if it’s from Lidl or Kaufland, but I’m not satisfied with it, it’s weak. For me, the best fast clamp is from Volcraft, it’s really powerful. Here are some double pulleys that I used on tank, sheet metal scrap, my furnace, also here on the wall are some hatchets, trimmer parts, etc. Here we have a hand circular saw, I saw a comment about a week ago, it said “Was I satisfied with it?” and, well, for the price you can’t find better, but it’s not really precise tool. You can see it practically “ate” his own slit, it’s not suited for really precise work, but for homemade workshop, it’s good, you won’t found better for this price. Here we have, as we say here, goatherds. Here we can find some tools for compressor, nail gun, gun for pumping tires, painting gun, adapter 1 to 3. Here is a box with fire equipment, I bought this on flea market, it was all rusty, but now it all looks a lot better, inside is a led tape. Here we have Thor’s hammer, Batman’s Batarangs. Here is space for anvil, this is actually a plum stump, I weld metal ring around it, and I use it to store hammers, hatchets, etc. I made an anvil here. I bought this on flea market too, it’s personal kit for citizens with mask, it was cheap, like 5-10 euros, it has gas masks in it, I found that really cool so I had to buy it. Here we have parts from trimmer, motor bike, aluminium smelter, aluminum and that kind of parts. I don’t need them anymore so I’m throwing them into furnace. The furnace is great, it heats up the workshop very easily, even if we have some holes as you can see. My workshop is leaking, that’s the main reason I want to change it. Now we came to this interesting part, here are tools that you are all interested in. Let’s start from the top. Here some risers, actually all the risers I have, here is reservoir that I made from military canister, here are breners, big ones, small ones, here is Captain’s shield, made it myself, here we have burner, soldering iron holder, here we have some stones for decorations, drvofix, another burner, here we have flu pliers, I’m very satsified with one, here we have coca cola zeroes, I didn’t open any of it, I bought them because of Avengers characters on it, I said I won’t open them, it’s more like for collection. Here is a pocket for hammer and nails, pliers, boxer, here I have bayonetta knife for AK-47, I have two of them, some screwdrivers, some wrenches that I don’t use very often, here is poliester kit, here are extension for model grinder, I have two of them. Here are surgical knives, set of old sockets, tappers, thredings, some empty box and the same set I have here. You can’t see much because it’s dusty, let me open. Now let’s get down. Let’s start with this side. Here we have on more compressor hose, clamps, check marks, etc. Here we have torx keys, extensions, I have whole set from Unior. Here we have spatula, opener for cans, various brushes, various pliers, when I was making workshop, I was thinking “why I need so much place for pliers”, now when I see I barely stored them all, when I saw how many tools I have I realized that I have really small workshop. Here is set of rasps for wood and metal. More grip pliers. I’m most satisfied with this Unior ones because you can spread them to catch around 30cm, that is absolutely mad. I highly recommend them. Here we have some aftermarket wrenches. Here are some torx extensions, I’m not satisfied with them, almost no one of them fits where it should fit. Here is Unior allens, it’s nice, small tool, very useful. Some Unior longer allens are here, I like longer ones. Up here are some duct tapes. French wrench, this wrench was a gift from cousing, big hello to him. It’s really all in one tool, very useful. Here’s my phone, car keys, here are wrenches for removing sparks from car, etc. Here is vaser scale from Unior, this is the best one I ever used, it’s worth the money, it’s precise, it has a pretty strong magnet, I will do one special video with it, we will be doing a fence. Here are some old vaser scales that I used before. Brackets, plastic rulers, three meters, I’m satisfied with every one of them. Einhell notepad, wooden meters that almost never use. Here are metal meters, sublers, scalpel inserts, “thief” which steals power from down here to power up all the lights, notch holder, socket set. I use them for jaw chucks, you can’t use this one because they are fragile, for impact drill you must use this black ones, I use this Unior one for two years and it’s great. Here are some extensions, here I have some kind of cups for pencils, testers, I must show two great pencils I have, Pica’s pencils, they are marveouls they cost around 10 euros, but it’s worth it, as you can see in my videos, I use it everywhere. And this other ones goes on spokes, you can buy them seperately, it’s expensive, around 17 euros together, but the pencil is absolutely mad. If spoke brokes, you have sharpener at the back. You can literally write on aluminium with it and it’s hard to erase, it’s same on every other sufrace. We also have this set of fork-round wrenches from Unior here. Here I have chargers for all my tools, borers, drills, fasteners, and this automatic wheel, very useful thing. I recommend everyone to get one, it’s really worth it. As you can see this classic one, you can’t do it with just one hand. Here are my Aku tools. Let’s start with Einhell. This is angle grinder, very satisfied with it. This Makita one is also very good. I don’t have time for compare video, but they are almost the same, just Makita is double the cost than Einhell. Here is classic drill, impact drill, both from Einhell, this Makita one is not brushless, but this small Makita is brushless, I’m very satisfied, it has plenty of modes, but Einhell one is much stronger, it removes car wheels in a matter of seconds. That’s it regarding Aku tools. I must show you this, it’s a komel flash, it’s great, it literally light up all the workshop. It costs around 10 euros and it’s worth the money. Here are two batteries for my Nikon. And this ones I bought in Lidl, two priority reflectors, they are empty now, they are too good and they can light up whole backyard. They were around 25-30 euros. This cola fell, let’s put it back. This is a mixer, I brought it from home to show it to you, I didn’t make video on it so we will stick to it right now. Model is TE-MX 1600-2 CE. You can literally mix concrete with it. It’s marvelous, lately we were mixing glet mass, you can literally mix anything with it. You have 2 spin modes. You have potentionmeter here, you can regulate number of spins with this button. It comes with mixer rod and I can say I’m very satisfied with this machine. Here are bearings from tank. Here is a pencil box with augers, another brush for drill. Here are 2 welding angles. You must have them if you are a real welder. Every workshop must have a medical kit. You can always cut yourself or something, it’s great to have it. Here is a fix, I bought it at flea market for around 30-40 euros and it was worth, I have it here for few years now. I painted it a couple a times already. Here is a drill that I used as table drill for grinding, polishing, etc. It’s a Bosch one and I’m not a fan of Bosch because I had bad experiences with it. This is a fix that I made myself, it’s really good. I don’t use it very often because this one is more practical. Down here are all spare parts from project that I have. I love to store everything because I never know when will I need it. Here are some bigger spares which I don’t know will I ever use it, some springs, engine, same like the red one over there, but I messed up this one somehow. Anyway, a lot of stuff is in here. Here are some profiles that I didn’t cut yet. Here is my first toolbox, we will return to it. Here are some unsorted screws, I use this plate that’s good for reviews because I can spin it. Cut oil tanks when I change oil on my car. Here are 2 big rasps, one little fix which I restored, it’s good for precise work. Here’s a radio that I don’t use because of copyrights, in this bag are templates that I used for logo overthere. Drill box, plenty of wheels, synthetic thinner. I bought this week ago, very useful for stripping insulations. Here I have electric cables, differential that I used in tank, this are all parts from the tank. This is Makita’s iron cutter, she survived everything. 2600W, I’m really satisfied with it. Some more tires, in those cans I have various old object that await restoration. Here is my stand for camera. I’m really satisfied with it, it was expensive, but it’s worth every penny. And this is my new toolbox. As I was renovating my home, I needed this asap. I bought this Stanley toolbox in Pevec, here’s a lot of stuff in here, our lighter, soon in sale. I like this metal buckles, cover doesn’t go all the way down, Here I have some pliers, scalpel, duct tapes, extension, hammer. I also have this Metabo aku drill, I didn’t use it in a while so I put it here just in case. It has 10,8V, 2 speeds, very satisfied with it. VD40, spatula, etc. Basic tools you need to have in a toolbox. Here is a seat from tank, I think it’s seat from older Audi A4. And at last, here is a hanger that I made from motorcycle sparks, it looks cool. Here I have mask, protective glasses, knee pads, welding apron from beef skin, and we have Einhell calendar, they made agreement about sponsoring BMW in Formula E. And that’s it regarding my workshop. We came to the very end, I promised it will be a short video but I have so much tools and materials in workshop. I hope I will make this video next year in the new workshop, but let’s take it easy, we will come to that. Now before we end this video, I want to tell you something. I know there will be some people that will tell me that I’m bragging with tools, you have Unior, Makita, Einhell, wow. Well, no. I start with this toolbox that I bought in some ordinary supermarket for some cheap price. Inside I had set of wrenches, 2 screwdrivers, hammer and soldering iron. I had this box beside my work table in my room where I was making first video at this channel. And just work and effort put me here where I am now. After that, my dad gave me to use this part of the garage for my tools I had, then I took other shelf, and the other one and then I came to this that I had to drive him out of the garage. I had workshop here where the furnace is now, around a year ago I managed to have all of this. Nothing will put you immediately at the top. You will never have this kind of tools at the start. The purpose of this video is not to brag about all the stuff I have, but to appeal you to start something like this. But don’t start that because of money, views, popularity because you will need years to get that, if some video gets you famous. I make video for 3 years and after 1 and a half year I’ve got my first payment which you could call pocket money. If you make videos for money, don’t. Don’t make at all. I started from the toolbox, then workshop. Only work and effort will get you here and just the sky is a limit. So, if you liked this video, hit like, share and subscribe button and see you in the next video. Bye and enjoy! Top 3 question I get asked in the comments how many years I have. I have 19 years and I come from Croatia. What school did I finished? Trade school. And how do I have so much knowledge about mechanics? Well, just strong will and effort my dude!

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