9 thoughts on “Yard House shooting: Man wounded in shooting at Northridge restaurant | ABC7

  1. If everyone just open carried in states that it is allowed (for now);
    We would not have these escapades. (Never ask, or Pay for permission to possess a smaller item when you are granted possession of a bigger one). Back Strap and Problem Solved! ???❤️

  2. Crimes after crimes in California and Newsom and liberals voters doesn’t care. Keep voting democrats for your own safety.

  3. Only 1 shot?. I know people were videotaping the fight why the so is there only ABC and news channels covering this. I just want to see the fight that leads up to the shooting. Is that too much to ask from them internet

  4. I was there I saw it was not as bad as they say it is the guy was only bleding from his stomach and also they started fighting over a basketball game

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